How many CAMO fasteners do I need?

How many CAMO Fasteners do I need for my deck?

Whether planning out a big deck renovation for the upcoming springtime or are in the midst of a fresh new DIY deck build; new composite decking, hardwood deck boards, or treated lumber can breathe new life into an outdoor living space!

For a hidden deck fastener of incomparable strength and seamless appearance for nearly any decking material, choose from the wide line of CAMO Fasteners.

CAMO hidden deck fasteners are approved for leading composite decking brands such as Trex, TimberTech, Deckorators, Fiberon, Envision and Barrette, as well as standard ACQ-treated lumber, hardwood deck boards, and more!

How many CAMO clips do I need for my project?

The first step in determining how many CAMO fasteners are needed for your deck project is calculating the square footage of the deck space itself. The easiest way to do this is to multiply the length of your deck by the width of your deck. The total you find at the end is the total square footage of your deck.

Is your deck a non-standard rectangle? Divide your outdoor living space into easy-to-work with square and rectangular sections, multiply the lengths by the widths, and then add together to find the total square footage.

Strong and straightforward, CAMO Stainless Steel Deck Fasteners and CAMO ProTech-Coated Steel Fasteners are a brilliant option for installing deck boards

CAMO Fasteners and Square Footage of Your Deck

With your deck's square footage in hand, now's the time to plan out how many CAMO fasteners your deck needs!

CAMO Hidden Deck Fasteners

The classic line of CAMO Stainless Steel hidden deck fasteners and CAMO ProTech-coated Steel hidden deck fasteners are driven directly into the sides of the board and deep within the deck joist itself.

Featuring a Reverse Rake Tip to prevent splitting or cracking and a forceful lower-thread pattern, CAMO Deck Screws provide excellent holding power while the reverse upper-thread tightens the board to the joist.

CAMO Hidden Deck Screw Coverage

  • 350 pack: 100 square feet
  • 700 pack: 200 square feet
  • 1750 pack: 500 square feet

For a beautiful, fastener-free deck floor find out the perfect amount of CAMO hidden deck fasteners your project needs

CAMO Edge Clips

The innovative new range of CAMO Edge Clips include the CAMO Edge Clips, CAMO EdgeXClips, CAMO Edge Starter Clips, and CAMO EdgeXMetal Clips.

Crafted from two different types of stainless steel, the CAMO Edge line allows for any angled decking installation and decking installation on metal deck framing.

CAMO Edge Clip Coverage

  • 90 count: 50 sq ft
  • 450 count: 250 sq ft
  • 900 count: 500 sq ft

Check out this quick, helpful video here to find out how many CAMO fasteners you'll need:

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