Trex Deck Railing

Trex Deck Railing

Trex Deck Railing

Trex offers several premium composite and powder-coated aluminum railing systems to complete your home’s deck railing design and help your outdoor vision come to life. An array of colors, styles, and customization options allow you to take charge of your deck, porch, or patio railing.

Trex Railing
Trex Signature Glass Panel Railing

Trex Signature Glass Panels

Trex Signature deck railing is known worldwide for proven style and reliable strength. Now add sweeping panoramic views with clean, modern glass panel infill for an unforgettable deck experience.

Trex Transcend Railing with Glass Panels

Trex Transcend

The Trex Transcend line is a gorgeous railing system that you can customize with composite, aluminum, or glass infill and a wide selection of colors and styles.

Trex Select

Enjoy classic simplicity and style with the Trex Select railing system. White, rectangular composite rails and post sleeves support black, round aluminum balusters to let the beauty of your backyard shine through.


Trex Signature Railing

Trex Signature

Get exceptional strength and clean, minimal lines with the Trex Signature aluminum railing line in a rich charcoal black powder-coated finish. Full rail kits, pre-welded panels and pre-bracketed posts make for simple installation..

Trex Signature Rod Rail

A modern take on the standard metal deck railing design, the Trex Signature Rod Rail system combines the contemporary look of cable rail with the sturdy feel of thick powder-coated aluminum.

Transcend Railing with Wild Hog Fill

Trex Transcend & Wild Hog

The broad color options of composite railing and the rustic style, strength and view of coated steel hog wire railing panels are a perfect combination. Trex Transcend with Wild Hog Railing infill is the best of both worlds.

General Trex Railing FAQs

Why Should I Choose Trex Railing For My Deck?

Trex is the most recognizable name in decking - and for good reason. Trex has years of experience making high-quality, tried-and-true deck materials that combine beauty with low maintenance demands.

If you’re looking for a premium deck railing with lots of customization options, Trex has a proven product to fit your style. Whether it’s sleek aluminum railing or classic composite railing, Trex offers color, baluster and style options to fit your vision. Call us at 1-888-824-5316 and we’ll learn more about your outdoor space and help connect you with the best Trex railing options to match you and your priorities.

Where Is Trex Railing Manufactured?

Trex manufactures its composite decking and railing out of facilities in Virginia and Nevada. Trex railing is made in the USA.

Can I Paint My Trex Deck Railing?

We wouldn’t recommend painting your Trex railings, as this can void your warranty. For a wider range of colors, check out the Trex Transcend composite railing line, which matches most of the shades you’ll find in Trex Transcend composite decking.

Does Trex Deck Railing Come With A Warranty?

All Trex deck railing lines come with a 25-year limited residential warranty. Trex decking products are designed to outlast the elements and give you a deck that looks great and remains solid for years to come no matter what weather your outdoor space experiences.

Choosing Your Trex Railing

What’s The Difference Between Trex Signature, Trex Select And Trex Transcend Railing?

Trex railing lines are divided up by material, as well as by style:

Composite Railings

  • Trex Transcend is made of durable composite material and comes in a huge line of color options. You can also use Trex Transcend with a range of unique infill options, like glass panels or Wild Hog metal panels
  • Trex Select is another strong, long-lasting composite deck railing line that combines sleek white rails with black balusters. Trex Select is a versatile, high-value option that looks especially sharp with a composite board used as a cocktail rail.

Aluminum Railings

  • Trex Signature is a sturdy aluminum railing that comes in kits for easy planning and installation.
  • Trex Signature Rod Rail puts a different spin on the classic signature look, with horizontal balusters that open up your view and evoke the look of horizontal cable railing. Trex Signature Rod Rail is perfect for a modern farmhouse look, though it’s versatile enough to fit a range of styles.

Can I Use Trex Deck Railing With Glass Panels?

Yes! Trex makes versatile railings that can incorporate a number of unique infill options. Trex Transcend railing comes in a glass panel option, and DecksDirect provides custom-cut glass panels to perfectly fit your deck’s unique dimensions.

Can I Add A Drink Rail To My Trex Deck Railing?

Yes - Trex Select goes especially well with a composite deck board as a drink rail, but you can also use a drink rail with Trex Signature or Trex Transcend railing. For help including a drink rail in your project planning, give our team a call at 1-888-824-5316.

Installing Trex Railing

How Do I Cut Trex Railing?

It’s easy to cut Trex railings down to the perfect size for your space. Whether you’re using composite or aluminum railings, you can cut your Trex post sleeves and rails with a miter saw or jigsaw with a carbide-toothed blade.

Trex Railing Maintenance

How Do I Clean My Trex Railings?

It’s easy to clean your Trex composite and aluminum railings:

Step 1: Spray off your railing with a hose to remove surface debris.

Step 2: Use warm soapy water and a soft-bristle brush to remove dirt and debris from your railing.