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The biggest name in composite decking: Trex is a proven winner when it comes to composite decking - they effectively invented the category. The Trex brand is tried & true, with decking you can trust to be beautiful, durable, and low-maintenance.

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General Trex Decking FAQs

Why Should I Choose Trex Decking?

Trex is probably the best-known composite decking brand in the world. With more than 30 years as a leader in deck material, the word Trex has nearly become synonymous with “composite decking.”

Choosing Trex low-maintenance composite decking will change how you live outdoors. Instead of spending hours on staining and maintaining a wood deck, you can use those hours to enjoy a gorgeous, natural outdoor space with those you love, making memories, relaxing, and enjoying all your deck has to offer.

A beautiful Trex composite deck set up for summer yard games

What Are Trex Deck Boards Made Of?

Trex composite deck boards are made from a mix of recycled plastic and real, reclaimed wood fibers. That gives Trex the look and feel of natural wood - but Trex is far more durable than pressure-treated wood, and requires significantly less regular maintenance than a traditional wood deck. The composite material is encased in a tough outer shell on the top and sides, which helps protect the boards from moisture and scratches. You can learn more about the pros and cons of composite decking and wood here. You can see the interior composite material and the tough synthetic shell below:

A cross-section of Trex Composite Decking

Where Is Trex Decking Manufactured?

Trex manufactures its composite decking out of facilities in Virginia and Nevada. Trex boards are made in the USA.

How Long Does Trex Decking Last?

Trex’s composite deck boards are designed to be ultra-durable and long lasting through the elements of your outdoor space.. Under normal conditions, a Trex board should last decades. The company offers a 25-year fade and stain warranty.

Will Furniture Scratch My Trex Deck Boards?

Trex caps its deck boards with a strong, weather-resistant shell that gives all Trex boards scratch-resistance. If you’re especially concerned about avoiding scratches and scuffs, check out Trex’s Transcend line, which features the brand’s highest scratch-resistance.

Does Trex Come With A Warranty?

Yes! All of Trex’s deck boards carry a 25-year limited residential fade and stain warranty.

Does Trex Get Hot On Sunny Days?

Just like wood or other materials, Trex composite decking can absorb heat when it’s in direct sunlight, making it hard to walk barefoot on a hot day. If your deck is in direct sunlight, we’d recommend choosing a lighter color - light grays and light browns tend to absorb less heat from the sun.

A gray deck will stay cooler in direct sunlight, like this one featuring Trex Transcend in Island Mist

Is Trex Decking Environmentally Friendly?

Trex is made from 95% recycled and reclaimed materials, making it an extremely eco-friendly alternative to wood. Trex has won multiple awards for sustainability and environmental responsibility and has been an environmental leader among composite decking brands for more than 30 years.

Choosing Your Trex Decking

What’s The Difference Between Trex Enhance, Trex Select, And Trex Transcend?

Trex offers three composite decking lines with different features.

Trex Enhance is the most cost-effective option. The boards feature scalloped bottoms to use less composite material, keeping costs low and making for lighter-weight boards that are easier to transport. The Enhance line features a textured wood streaking on the surface with four color options.

The scalloped bottom of Trex Enhance Naturals decking

Trex Select boards have a unique textured wood grain look, rather than the streaking and ridges of Enhance and Transcend. Trex Select comes in five color options, including some bold reddish and bluish tones. Select boards are slightly thinner (7/8-inch) to reduce weight.

Trex Select deck boards

Trex Transcend is the brand’s top-quality decking line, featuring the most color options (8) and Trex’s highest level of scratch-resistance. Transcend comes in a wide range of colors including exotic, tropical wood looks, and features textured streaking on the board surfaces.

Trex Transcend deck boards

You can read more about the differences in Trex decking lines here.

If you need help choosing the best Trex line for your outdoor living space, give our team a call at 1-888-824-5316. We’ll help you weigh the options and find the perfect fit for your vision.

What’s The Difference Between Grooved Edge Trex Boards And Square Edge Trex Boards?

Grooved edge boards feature a long ridge or groove cut into the long edges of the deck board. Grooved edge boards are designed for use with hidden deck fasteners. Traditional square edge boards are for use with other fasteners or in places where the edge of the deck board will be visible, like the outsides of your deck, stair treads, or drink rails.

The difference between grooved edge and square edge decking

Where Should I Buy Trex Composite Decking?

There are three reasons why DecksDirect is the best place to buy Trex decking:

  • Get Real Service: We have a team of deck project planners ready to help you plan the perfect Trex deck. Get a personalized project plan from a real person who cares about your priorities and has the knowledge to build your deck plan around your needs.
  • Get It Completely Fast: We ship 99.5% of our orders the same day they’re placed, and we can reach most of the United States in three days or less. Don’t let your project get delayed - we’ll keep you on your timeline!
  • Get The Largest In-Stock Selection: We carry 17 different colors of Trex decking, allowing you to pick the perfect look for your space without waiting on backordered products.

You can always order online, or you can call us at 1-888-824-5316 and talk to a trained deck project planner. When you call DecksDirect, you reach a real person with a real passion for decking - not a robot or an automated system.

Trex Decking Design

Can You Rip A Trex Deck Board To A Smaller Width?

You can rip a Trex board down to a smaller width, although you shouldn’t rip it down to reduce thickness. If you rip a Trex board to narrow it, be sure it can still be installed according to the manufacturer instructions to maintain your warranty.

Can I Curve Trex Composite Boards?

You can create unique deck patterns by curving or bending composite deck boards. First, you’ll heat the deck boards, then bend them to the angle you need. If you’re interested in curving deck boards, we’d recommend giving our team a call at 1-888-824-5316 to help you draw up the perfect plan for your dream deck.

A deck using curved composite deck boards

Installing Trex Decking

How Do I Attach Trex Decking To My Deck Frame?

You can fasten your Trex boards to your deck frame using either deck screws or hidden fasteners. Deck screws drive through your deck board and attach to your frame. Hidden fasteners sit between boards and slide into grooves in your decking to fasten boards down.

Depending on which line of Trex you’re using, Trex recommends different fasteners - you can see the full list of fasteners in the installation guide here.

How Do I Hide The Screws While Installing Trex Decking?

There are two main ways of hiding screws after installing your Trex composite boards.

Trex offers the Hideaway Universal Hidden Fastener System, which fastens boards down by sliding into grooves in the side of the boards. (Make sure to buy grooved-edge boards for this method). You could also use a plug system, made to exactly match the color and finish of your Trex boards.

Trex Decking Maintenance

Do I Have To Stain Trex Composite Decking?

No. Unlike wood decks, composite material never requires staining or sealing. Trex delivers the best in low-maintenance decking.

How Do I Clean Trex Decking?

Low-maintenance Trex decking is extremely easy to clean. All it takes is three simple steps:

  1. Sweep off your deck surface to clear debris like leaves or pine needles.
  2. Brush your deck with warm, soapy water and a soft-bristle brush
  3. Rinse your deck surface with fresh, clean water.

That’s it! There’s no heavy cleaning required.

You can watch this video for more details on how to clean your deck.

Can I Use A Pressure Washer To Clean Trex Decking?

You can pressure-wash current generation Trex deck boards, but take care to use a low-pressure setting. Trex recommends a pressure washer set to less than 3100 psi with a fan-tipped nozzle. First, spray your deck with soapy water and gently scrub with a soft bristle brush. Then, rinse off your boards thoroughly, keeping your nozzle at least 8 inches away from the deck surface.

If you have an early-generation Trex deck board, avoid using power washers to keep from damaging your deck and voiding your warranty.