Tiger Claw Hidden Deck Board Fasteners

Securely attach the composite decking or treated deck boards on your DIY deck build or deck renovation with the contractor-favorite Tiger Claw Deck Fastener system. An ideal deck board fastener option for any grooved decking material, Tiger Claw clips require no special tools, making it a wonderful choice for both first-time deck builders and professional contractors alike.

Supported by a 25-year warranty, Tiger Claw Deck Fasteners provide a solid deck board installation and creates a consistent 3/16 inch board gapping across your outdoor living space.

Tiger Claw deck fasteners beautifully connect composite deck boards to deck joists below

Tiger Claw Hidden Deck Clips

Tiger Claw TC-G Hidden Deck Clips are approved for use with:

Tiger Claw TC-120 Hidden Deck Fasteners are approved for use with grooved hardwood deck boards including:

  • Brazilian redwood
  • Ipe
  • Iron Wood
  • Mangaris
  • Purple Heart
  • Teak
  • Cambara
  • Meranti
And most other pre-grooved or non-grooved 5/4 inch or thicker decking.

Tiger Claw Fasteners

Tiger Claw TC-G deck fasteners are perfect for attaching grooved deck boards

Tiger Claw TC-G Fasteners

Specifically designed to work with 5/4 inch thick deck boards, the Tiger Claw TC-G fasteners feature sharp prongs that embed into the groove of the deck board for superior holding power and a lasting connection between the decking and joist.

Made from durable, corrosion-resistant Grade 304 stainless steel, the Tiger Claw TC-G clips deliver an attachment you can trust and create a consistent 3/16 inch board spacing across the outdoor space for an immaculate look.

Tiger Claw Butt Seam Clips connect two ends of deck boards together securely for long spans

Tiger Claw Butt Seam Fastener

A mirror-image version of the original Tiger Claw TC-G Hidden Fastener, the TC-G Butt Seam Clip from FastenMaster allows you to install two clips per joist at the butt seam, eliminating the need for extra joists and blocking.

Make your deck building process easier and keep your deck surface smooth with the Tiger Claw Butt Seam Clip, crafted from Grade 304 stainless steel for lasting corrosion resistance and a strong hold while being ACQ-compliant and approved for use in saltwater locations.

Tiger Claw TC-120 deck fasteners are a perfect choice for grooved hardwood deck boards

Tiger Claw TC-120 Deck Fastener

The ideal choice for grooved hardwood decking material, the Tiger Claw TC-120 fastener features prongs that embed themselves into the upper section of the routered-out deck board for strong holding power that's invisible from above the decking.

Crafted from corrosion-resistant Grade 304 stainless steel, the Tiger Claw TC-120 clips are approved for use in saltwater and coastal applications as well as ACQ rated for chemically treated lumber. The TC-120 hidden deck fastener reduces wood splitting, rot, and water damage, and board cupping.

Use the Tiger Claw Slot Cutter to create a perfect groove in your deck board side for a hidden deck board fastener

Tiger Claw Slot Cutter

Installing non-grooved deck boards? Simply use the Tiger Claw Slot Cutter to create the perfect-sized channel in your hardwood deck boards, treated decking, and composite deck boards as needed.

Featuring carbide blades for long-term performance, the Slot Cutter attaches directly to your personal power drill routes out a portion of the decking directly above the deck frame joists to create an opening ideal for accepting the Tiger Claw hidden fastening clips.

Choose the Tiger Claw Pneumatic Gun to quickly install your deck fastening screws for a quick decking project

Tiger Claw Pneumatic Gun

One of the downfalls of hidden deck fasteners has been how long the installation process can take. Tiger Claw has changed that perception by creating a semi-automatic Pneumatic Gun that drives a screw into place as quickly as if it were a nail. Install decking up to 50 percent faster than screwing it down with a drill/driver.

Simply slip the Tiger Claw hidden deck fastener into the nose of the gun and position it in the groove of the board. The Tiger Claw pneumatic gun automatically enables perfect positioning of fastener and screw installation with the pull of a trigger.

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