Flashing & Tape

A deck joists protected with flashing before the deck boards are installed.

Build your deck to last with protective flashing & tape. Enjoy your deck for years to come - and avoid repair costs and maintenance hours - with deck flashing and joist tape. Reliable moisture protection creates a long-lasting space for your family and friends to gather.

Get exactly what you need for your project with expert guidance. Call our deck project planners to find the perfect joist tape for your deck frame. Our in-stock selection ships fast nationwide!

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Acrylic Adhesive Flashing Tape by G-Tape
from $22.99
Grace Vycor Plus Self-Adhering Flashing Tape
from $29.99
Trex Protect Non-Skid Butyl Tape is available in a 1-5/8 inch width for joists or in a wider 3-1/8 size for beams.
from $25.50
Seal Ledger Flashing Tape For Trex RainEscape
from $149.84
Protect your joists with the TimberTech® PRO-Tac™ Flashing and Joist Tape.
from $39.99
FastenMaster Deck Frame Coating is available by the gallon.
$97.19 $107.99
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