Feeney CableRail and DesignRail®


With endless design options, Feeney® makes it possible for you to create a look and feel that will perfectly complement any space. From modern to classic to everything in between, Feeney's railing solutions give you the power to bring your customized vision to life from the inside out.

CableRail Kits For Wood Railings

Open up your view with CableRail Kits - the most cost effective way to get a cable railing! Made from marine grade stainless steel, each kit comes with everything you need.


CableRail Fittings

Select your fittings and bulk cable to complement any metal, wood or composite sleeved railing frame! Made from marine grade stainless steel - easy to install, beautiful and durable.


DesignRail Kits with CableRail

DesignRail Kits offer the quickest and most cost-effective way to install a complete railing system with cable infill. Aluminum frames are powder-coated, and cables are made from stainless steel.

Feeney makes it easy® for you to get a completely custom railing to suit your style with DesignRail® Create Your Own!

• Powder coated aluminum - beautiful and durable for the long haul with minimal maintenance
• 15 on-trend and classic colors, plus 3 realistic wood grain finishes for top rail!

Get the look you want with 5 different infill options:
• Horizontal cable
• Vertical cable
• Stainless Steel Mesh
• Laser-cut aluminum
• Aluminum pickets

What Is The Difference Between Feeney CableRail Kits And Feeney CableRail Fittings?

The main difference between CableRail Kits and CableRail Fittings plus Cable is the attachment method:

CableRail Kits

CableRail Kits are designed to pass through the posts with the fitting hardware on the outside faces of the posts. CableRail Kits are designed for wood or metal posts, but shouldn’t be used with composite-sleeved posts. CableRail Kits are available in 5-foot increments up to 70 feet, and each kit comes with everything you need for one run of cable.

Here's how Feeney CableRail Kits attach through your wood or metal posts

Fittings Plus Cable For Composite/Wood Posts

With this CableRail solution, you buy the cable in bulk and choose individual fittings that attach to the inside faces of your posts. Each run of cable will require a Quick-Connect fixed end fitting, and a tensioner fitting that will allow for 3/4-inches of take up for cable tensioning.

Here's how Feeney CableRail Fittings attach to the outsides of your posts

How Do DesignRail Kits And Custom DesignRail Compare?

The main difference is in how much you can customize each railing setup. DesignRail Kits are quicker and more cost-effective, with a standard rounded top rail and everything you need for a horizontal cable railing setup included.

With the Custom DesignRail option, you can customize your railing setup more by choosing different mounting types, different infill options (like vertical cables or glass), and one of six different top rail options in a range of colors.

If you want a quick and simple upgrade that's proven to be beautiful and functional, we recommend DesignRail Kits. If you want to spend a little more time planning and customizing your railing for a setup that looks different from the rest of the neighborhood, Custom DesignRail is the way to go.

What Feeney CableRail Option Should I Choose If I Already Have Wood, Metal Or Composite Posts?

To add a stunning cable railing setup to your existing wood, metal, or composite posts, we'd recommend one of the following options from Feeney:

For wood or metal posts: Check out Feeney CableRail Kits, which pass all the way through your existing post and attach on the outside face of the post.

For wood posts and/or composite post sleeves: Check out Feeney CableRail Fittings + Cable, which attach to the inside faces of your posts.