Step Lights & Stair Lights

A set of safe deck stairs at night with recessed stair lighting installed into the risers

Stunning looks and safe footings with easy-install stair lights: Turn your deck into a showstopper with the welcoming ambiance of outdoor lighting - while providing safe and well-lit footpaths for family, friends, and pets.

A wealth of options with expert planning and guidance: DecksDirect carries the largest selection of in-stock stair lighting options you’ll find anywhere. And we know each and every product inside and out - our experienced team will build you a project and guide you through installation. Call today!

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Create a glowing pathway with Recessed LED Angled Lights by Dekor.
from $17.99
Recessed Low Voltage LED Riser Light by Trex
from $32.99
Illuminate your space for safety throughout the night with the TimberTech Riser Light, shown in Architectural Bronze.
from $71.99
Odyssey LED Strip Light by Aurora Deck Lighting
from $29.81
Highlight your deck railing with Recessed LED Down Lights by Dekor in your top or bottom rail.
from $17.29
Featuring an incredibly convenient 30 degree downward shine, the Flush Angled LED Riser Light provides safety.
from $10.99
Mini Round Recessed LED Riser Light by Highpoint Deck Lighting - installed
from $35.99
Flush LED Riser Light with Trim Ring by LMT Mercer-Black-Installed and Illuminated
from $9.99
Corona Recessed LED Riser Light by Aurora Deck Lighting - Fully Installed
from $37.27
FortressAccents™ Surface Mount Recessed LED Light
from $33.99
Recessed Dek Dot LED Riser Lights by Dekor - Installed - Lit
from $17.84
Recessed Low Voltage LED Stair Light with Round Cover by Dekor
from $24.55
Recessed Low Voltage LED Stair Light with Rectangle Cover by Dekor
from $24.55
Architectural Bronze In-Deck LED Lights by TimberTech - Installed in stair risers
from $47.99
Estes Recessed Low Voltage LED Riser Light By Highpoint Deck Lighting - Antique Bronze - Antique Bronze
from $57.99
Recessed Low Voltage LED Straight Dot Light by Trex
from $28.99
Flush LED Riser Light with Trim Ring by Deckorators
from $44.99
Flush Warm White LED Riser Light by LMT Mercer - lit
from $7.99
Flex Deck Low Voltage LED Rope Light by Dekor
from $10.98 $15.69
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Aurora Pyxis Recessed Step Light - Installed
from $40.07

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