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TimberTech Fasteners

Complete your perfect deck or patio project with TimberTech fasteners. A secure, hidden way to attach your composite and PVC deck boards for a fastener-free decking surface perfect for entertaining family and friends. Choose from the CONCEALoc, TOPLoc, and FUSIONLoc designs to cut your installation time down and keep your boards in place for years to come.

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Buy (2) CONCEALoc Buckets, get the Tiger Claw Installation Gun FREE!
$1,419.98 $1,700.09
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TimberTech CONCEALoc® Fasteners
from $165.99
TimberTech CONCEALoc® L-Bracket
from $51.99
TimberTech CONCEALoc Replacement Screws are made from strong stainless steel
from $24.99
TimberTech CONCEALoc® Router Bit
from $45.99
from $89.99
The TimberTech SIDELoc™ Guide Tool for Narrow Boards makes it easy to install 3-1/2 inch deck boards quickly and securely.
from $89.99
SIDELoc™ Screws - 200 sq. ft.
from $75.99
The AZEK SIDELoc™ Extension Tool allows a secure installation for 7-1/4 inch wide deck boards.
from $30.99
FUSIONLoc® Hand Driven Guide by TimberTech - package contents
from $127.99
FUSIONLoc® Collated Hidden Fastening Clips for Hand Driven Guide by TimberTech - Package Contents
from $120.99
FUSIONLoc® Pneumatic Gun by FastenMaster
from $899.99
FUSIONLoc® Hidden Fasteners offered in 2 quantity options
from $451.99
The AZEK SIDELoc™ Driver Bits help decking installation run smoothly.
from $6.99