How to Install CAMO EdgeXMetal Clips

When building a new deck with a metal deck framing system, choose the all-new CAMO EdgeXMetal Deck Board Fastener system to securely attach your deck boards in place while keeping the floorboards clear of any eye-catching nails, screws, or hardware.

CAMO EdgeXMetal Clips are perfect for installing grooved composite, hardwood, and treated lumber on a metal deck frame easily

Created from stainless steel components, the new CAMO EDGEXMETAL Deck Clips are fastened along the steel deck joists below and firmly hold the deck boards in place within the grooved edges of the deck boards along the sides.

CAMO Edge X Metal Clip Installation

With no pre-drilling required and a one-pass fastening method, the CAMO EdgeXMetal hidden deck fastener installs up to 5 times faster than standard deck screws or hidden fastener systems.

A Never-Miss Guide is included with the CAMO EdgeXMetal deck clips which connects to your drill and allows for a quick connection point between the tool and the CAMO fastener.

How do you install CAMO Edge X Metal clips?

Installing deck boards on your new metal deck frame is easier than ever with the new CAMO EdgeXMetal Clip

Steps on Installing CAMO Edge X Metal Clips

1. Secure the first board with CAMO STARTER Clips.

Attach the first deck board, the one closest to the house, in place with the easy-to-use CAMO STARTER Clips. The CAMO STARTER Clips are also wonderful deck board fasteners for stair tread boards and final deck boards of your outdoor design.

2. Place EDGEXMETAL™ clips in the groove at every joist.

At every intersection between the deck board and the metal deck joist below, place a CAMO fastener in position with one wing sitting in the groove of the board. Deck joists are generally spaced 16 inches apart on-center, and each joist will require a CAMO EdgeXMetal fastener.

3. Slide the next deck board in place.

With all of the CAMO EdgeXMetal Clips placed in position, slide the next deck board in place up against the fasteners. The wings of the CAMO EdgeXMetal fasteners should be within the grooved sides of the deck boards.

4. Fasten the EdgeXMetal clip with the included NEVER-MISS™ Guide.

Perfect for one-pass fastening, the innovative Never-Miss Screw Guide allows drills to easily connect with the fasteners at first attempt to save time and effort.

The brilliant Never Miss Screw Guide allows DIY deck builders to drive deck board fasteners in place quickly and easily

Or up to 5X faster from your feet with CAMO DRIVE Stand-Up Tool.

Easily drive the included fasteners in place for a secure hold against deck joists and a long-lasting composite decking or hardwood decking surface!

The CAMO Drive Stand-Up Tool makes installation of CAMO hidden deck fasteners quicker than ever before

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