Under Deck Drainage

Installing a Zip-Up UnderDeck Drainage System and Ceiling in white allows homeowners to use a bistro table with red chairs and a wicker lounge chair on the patio beneath their 2nd story deck

Add dry square footage to your outdoor space. Under deck drainage systems double your deck space by creating a dry, weather-protected outdoor room beneath your deck. Enjoy your deck longer with an under deck system!

Easy planning & install with DecksDirect. Our team of professional deck project planners will help you pick the right under deck drainage system, estimate the right amount of materials, and guide you through installation.

UpSide Deck Ceiling - Modern Farmhouse Beadboard Underdeck Drainage
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Downspout for Trex RainEscape - Tan
Starting at: $42.41
Trex Protect Non-Skid Butyl Tape is available in a 1-5/8 inch width for joists or in a wider 3-1/8 size for beams.
Starting at: $24.99
Butyl Tape for Trex RainEscape
Starting at: $63.67
Trex RainEscape Trough  - Tan
Starting at: $33.24
Butyl Caulk for Trex RainEscape
Starting at: $10.90
Trex RainEscape Post Flash
Starting at: $11.24
Wall Flashing for Trex RainEscape - 25 feet roll
Starting at: $46.96
Add a polished look to your underdeck area with Zip-Up UnderDeck Panels, shown in a Gray serrated finish
Starting at: $71.99
Zip-Up UnderDeck Main Rail - White
Starting at: $44.99
Zip-Up UnderDeck Pitch Rail - 1/2"
Starting at: $47.99
Wall Trim - White
Starting at: $34.99
Hardware Kit For ZipUP UnderDeck® Drainage
Starting at: $39.99
Zip-Up UnderDeck Seam Trim - Beige
Starting at: $42.99
Glide Clip for UpSide Deck Ceiling - Installed - On Starter Strip with Channel - Details
Starting at: $1.99
Channel for UpSide Deck Ceiling - Installed - Finished System
Starting at: $36.99
The Quick Install Track for UpSide Deck Ceiling attaches to joist to set pitch for deck drainage.
Starting at: $18.99
Crafted from corrosion-resistant protective coated steel
Starting at: $21.99
Starter Strip for UpSide Deck Ceiling - Uninstalled - Details
Starting at: $12.99
Edge Trim for UpSide Deck Ceiling - Uninstalled - Details
Starting at: $42.99
C-Channel for UpSide Deck Ceiling - Installed - Corner - Details
Starting at: $22.99
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