Under Deck Drainage

Installing a Zip-Up UnderDeck Drainage System and Ceiling in white allows homeowners to use a bistro table with red chairs and a wicker lounge chair on the patio beneath their 2nd story deck.

Add dry square footage to your outdoor space. Under deck drainage systems double your deck space by creating a dry, weather-protected outdoor room beneath your deck. Enjoy your deck longer with an under deck system!

Easy planning & install with DecksDirect. Our team of professional deck project planners will help you pick the right under deck drainage system, estimate the right amount of materials, and guide you through installation.

General Under Deck Drainage FAQs

How Can I Keep The Area Under My Deck Dry?

You can create a dry, usable space underneath your deck by installing an under deck drainage system and/or a deck ceiling. Any deck drainage system (sometimes called an “underdeck drainage system” or “underdecking”) will divert rainwater away from the space under your deck. Some deck drainage systems include a deck ceiling, which looks like a clean, finished roof that installs to the underside of your deck joists.

Do I Need A Drainage System Under My Deck?

Under deck drainage isn’t typically required by building codes, but it does make your outdoor living space significantly more useful in a few ways. First, creating a dry space underneath your deck effectively doubles your deck space, allowing you to use an underdeck space that is often wasted. Under deck drainage also protects your deck frame from water damage by diverting water away. Deck ceiling is a beautiful stylistic choice, and a dry underdeck space also allows you more options to furnish your space with furniture and decorations that need some protection from rain and sun. Beyond that, having a dry space under your deck is great for storing grills, smokers, chairs, tables, or any other objects to protect them from rain.

Choosing Your Under Deck Drainage

What’s the Difference Between Under Deck Drainage Systems?

The biggest difference in our Under Deck Drainage offerings is when you can install them. Trex RainEscape is a drainage system that doesn’t include a deck ceiling - you can choose the deck ceiling look of your choice. RainEscape also must be installed when you’re putting decking on your deck, so it’s a great choice to install with a brand new deck.

ZipUP UnderDeck Drainage and UpSide Deck Ceiling by Color Guard are both drainage systems that include a beautiful finished deck ceiling look for your outdoor living space - and both can be installed on existing decks without having to uninstall deck boards.

How Do I Know How Much Under Deck Ceiling I Need?

We’ve created a handy ZipUP Calculator tool - just input the dimensions of your deck, and the calculator will tell you how much of each ZipUP UnderDeck Drainage component you’ll need, including a live-updating cost estimate.

For a more detailed estimate, and to learn more about other under deck drainage system options, give us a call at 1-888-824-5316. Our team will get to know you, your deck vision, and your budget and build you a plan to fit.

Installing Under Deck Drainage

How Hard Is It To Install An Under Deck Drainage System?

Under Deck Drainage Systems are a breeze to install - even if you’ve never done it before! Each system installs slightly differently. You can follow the links below to see video tutorials on how to install each of our under deck drainage system options:

You can always give our team a call at 1-888-824-5316 for help planning your under deck project and for installation tips.

Can I Install An Under Deck Drainage System On An Existing Deck?

Yes! If you choose the ZipUP UnderDeck Drainage system or the Upside Deck Ceiling by Color Guard, you can install either option on an existing deck without having to take off deck boards. 

What Kind Of Gutter System Can I Use With Under Deck Drainage Systems?

You can combine under deck drainage with any gutter system of your choice. The under deck system diverts water to a certain spot, allowing you to install any type of gutter system you want underneath it.

Under Deck Drainage Maintenance

How Do I Clean Under Deck Ceiling?

It’s easy to clean your under deck drainage system and deck ceilings. The visible surfaces wipe down easily with a broom and a soapy rag. You can check for clogs in your drainage by pouring a few cups of clean water onto your deck and watching to see if it flows out into your gutters. If it doesn’t, figure out where the clog is, remove a panel from your deck ceiling, and remove it.

You can read more about cleaning and maintaining your under deck drainage system here.