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General Screws

General purpose structural wood screws are great for wood-to-wood or metal-to-wood connections on your deck. Use structural screws for a strong, secure connection between your pressure treated wood or metal railing and your deck frame.

Structural screws are easy to install and don’t require pre-drilling or pilot holes. Check out our large selection of reliable fasteners, including screws with corrosion resistant stainless steel material.

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Hex Head Multi Purpose Structural Screws by CAMO (pictured: 4 in Length - 1/4 in Size)
Starting at: $10.48
Get a tight, secure hold for all your wood-to-wood connections using CAMO's PROTECH® Ultra 4 coated Structural Framing Screws
Starting at: $13.00
A Structural Truss Screw by CAMO, featuring the PROTECH Ultra 4 coating
Starting at: $41.58
Hex Head Galvanized Multi Purpose Structural Screw By CAMO (pictured: 4 in Length -1/4 in Size)
Starting at: $14.48
Flat Head Multi Purpose Structural Screw by CAMO (pictured: 4-1/2 in Length - 5/16 Size)
Starting at: $6.74
Choose from three length options
Starting at: $9.42
RSS Rugged Structural Screws By GRK Fasteners - 3/8 in x 6 in - 50 Pro Pack
Starting at: $21.99
Pheinox™ RSS™ Rugged Structural Wood Screws by GRK Fasteners
Starting at: $65.99
SDWS Exterior Wood Structural Screws by Simpson Strong-Tie - 3 in - 50 pack - Packaging
Starting at: $28.99
Starborn F23 Structural Screws for Deck Ledger
Starting at: $20.38
H23 Ledger/Multipurpose Structural Wood Screws by Starborn
Starting at: $20.38
Starborn Structural H19 Multipurpose Screw
Starting at: $16.00
Starborn Structural F23 Multipurpose Screw
Starting at: $17.00
HeadLOK Screws By FastenMaster - 2-4/8 in - 50 pack - Packaging
Starting at: $15.99
ThruLOK Screw Bolts By FastenMaster - 6-1/4 in - 24 pack - Packaging
Starting at: $34.99
TimberLOK Structural Wood Screws By FastenMaster - 50 pack
Starting at: $47.99
LedgerLOK Flat Head Fasteners by FastenMaster - 3-5/8 in - 50 pack - Packaging
Starting at: $52.99
Simpson Strong-Tie SDWH Hex Head Structural Screw
Starting at: $48.99
SDS Exterior Wood Screws by Simpson Strong-Tie - Double-Barrier Coating - 3-1/2 in - 125 pack - Packaging
Starting at: $68.99
Outdoor Accents Structural Wood Screw by Simpson Strong-Tie (3-1/2 in)
Starting at: $15.99
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