Camo Fasteners

We have the largest in-stock selection of Trex decking!

Camo developed a hidden fastening system that reduces installation time, maintenance and cost typical in other systems. With Camo tools, quickly and easily install screws diagonally through a deck surface and into the joist leaving a clean surface.

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Everything included in the CAMO EDGE® Clip Starter Pack
$1,149.99 $1,296.10
UP TO 11% OFF!
Save up to percent off!
LEVER® by CAMO-3 pack
$267.17 $296.85
UP TO 10% OFF!
Save up to percent off!
For quick installation and consistent spacing throughout, the CAMO EDGE® Clips offer it all; available in packs of 90, 450, and 900.
from $56.66
Fasten your decking quicker than ever with the CAMO EDGEX® Clip; available in packs of 90, 450, and 900.
from $56.66
from $82.34
The CAMO EDGE® STARTER Clips line up along with the outside of the joist and install quickly with the included installation screw.
from $26.70
The CAMO LEVER® Tool includes a hex wrench and a flat head screw for fast assembly to get the job done quickly!
from $98.95
Keep your knees and back from hours of pain by using the CAMO DRIVE™ Stand-Up Tool which attaches directly to your own personal drill.
from $169.50
The adjustable CAMO ClipDrive™ Stand-Up Tool adapts to fit your height
from $119.95
Get your project finished quickly and efficiently with CAMO DRIVE™ Collated Edge Deck Screws.
from $115.19
No more reaching for loose parts and pieces with the incredible ease of CAMO DRIVE™ Collated Wood Deck Screws and the CAMO DRIVE™ Stand-Up Tool.
from $136.88
CAMO DRIVE™ Face Fastening Collated Composite Deck Screws - Brown - Packaging
from $192.48
Camo ProTech Hidden Deck Fasteners come in two material types and two size options.
from $44.84
Camo Marksman - Pro Unit
from $54.95
Camo Marksman - Pro-X1 Unit
from $54.95
Camo Marksman - Pro-NB Unit
from $54.95
Camo Marksman Edge Tool
from $22.95
Driver Bits for CAMO DRIVE™ Stand-Up Tool
from $8.36
Camo Driver Bits
from $5.45
CAMO Pre-Drill Bits help to make decking installations go quicker than ever!
from $9.85