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Whatever style or function you need in a deck board, TimberTech has a decking line to deliver it!

Decking professionals coast to coast trust premium TimberTech decking. From PVC to composite decking, TimberTech carries a huge range of decking options - whatever style or function you need in a deck board, TimberTech has a decking line to deliver it.

DecksDirect is the best guide for your perfect TimberTech solution. TimberTech has an amazing range of premium decking lines - and we know them all. Call or chat with us: we’ll learn what’s important to you and connect you with perfectly-suited deck boards for your vision.

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Get the best-looking, most relaxing space for your outdoor hobbies when you use TimberTech Advanced PVC Vintage decking, shown in Coastline
from $101.99
TimberTech Composite Reserve decking delivers natural beauty (Pictured: Antique Leather finish)
from $81.99
Accent your furniture with the cool Slate Gray finish
from $73.99
TimberTech Legacy Composite Decking in the Ashwood finish: earthy and welcoming
from $97.99
Connect your deck to nature with the organic deep brown of the American Walnut finish.
from $92.99
Accent your natural surroundings with TimberTech Composite Terrain decking, shown in Silver Maple
from $61.98
The cool gray of the TimberTech Porch Coastline finish
from $59.99
Finish your deck or porch with premium TimberTech Vintage Fascia, shown in Coastline.
from $199.99
Finish your deck with premium TimberTech Advanced PVC Landmark Fascia Boards, shown in America Walnut
from $133.99
Subtle and welcoming: TimberTech Advanced PVC Harvest Fascia in Slate Gray
from $100.99
The soft Pecan finish creates a versatile and welcoming outdoor oasis
from $180.99
TimberTech Composite Legacy looks natural and holds its look for years to come
from $105.99
TimberTech Composite Reserve Fascia Boards, shown in Dark Roast
from $157.99
Match your stairs to your deck with TimberTech Composite Reserve Riser Boards
from $91.99
TimberTech Composite Terrain Fascia Boards, shown here in Brown Oak, create a beautiful, finished look
from $120.99
TimberTech Composite Terrain Riser Boards feature an authentic wood-grain look, shown in Stone Ash
from $69.99
TimberTech AZEK Trim Fascia Boards are a brilliant accent for porches and decks.
from $148.99
Beautiful white TimberTech AZEK Trim Riser boards provide a stunning deck accent.
from $95.99

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