Trex RainEscape

View looking up from underneath a second-story deck showing Trex RainEscape with custom paneling, lighting and fan.

Create a beautiful outdoor living room with Trex RainEscape. The innovative RainEscape trough system installs between deck joists to waterproof the space beneath your deck. Create a dry, usable room while extending the lifespan of your deck!

Make the most of your deck with DecksDirect. Our experienced project planners love Trex RainEscape to set up picturesque lighting and beautiful decor under your deck. Call to plan your project from top to bottom.

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Downspout for Trex RainEscape - Tan
Starting at: $42.41
Trex RainEscape Trough  - Tan
Starting at: $33.24
Butyl Tape for Trex RainEscape
Starting at: $63.67
Butyl Caulk for Trex RainEscape
Starting at: $10.90
Trex RainEscape Post Flash
Starting at: $11.24
Wall Flashing for Trex RainEscape - 25 feet roll
Starting at: $46.96
Seal Ledger Flashing Tape For Trex RainEscape
Starting at: $149.84
Trex Protect Non-Skid Butyl Tape is available in a 1-5/8 inch width for joists or in a wider 3-1/8 size for beams.
Starting at: $25.99
Soffit Light for Trex RainEscape
Starting at: $69.10
Make consistently sized openings where you need them most with the Hole Saw for Trex RainEscape Soffit Lights.
Starting at: $40.12
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General Trex RainEscape FAQs

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Can I Install Trex RainEscape On An Existing Deck?

How Much Does Trex RainEscape Cost?