GRK Fasteners

A wood deck chair sitting on a wood deck surrounded by AL13 Home aluminum railing in matte black on a sunny day.

GRK's quality fasteners are known worldwide - from small trim screws to 12 inch structural screws, every GRK product has at least one patent. Look no further for popular deck screws, concrete fasteners, and time-saving Rugged Structural Screws.

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GRK Fasteners

5/16 Inch RSS Rugged Structural Screw

3/8 Inch RSS Rugged Structural Screw

Pheinox RSS 305 Stainless Steel Screw

Reverse Thread (RT) Trim Head Screw

FIN/Trim Head Screws

Pheinox R4 Stainless Steel Deck Screw

R4 Deck Screws

Caliburn XL Concrete Screw

Concrete Drill Bit

Starhead Bit

Starhead Bit in Bulk