Steel Framing

General Steel Deck Framing FAQs

Is Wood Framing Or Steel Framing Best For My Deck?

Is Steel Deck Framing Fire-Resistant?

Does Steel Deck Framing Warp?

Will Fortress Steel Deck Framing Rust?

Does Steel Framing Come With A Warranty?

Does Steel Framing Support Longer Spans Than Wood?

Is It Worth Replacing My Old Wood Deck Frame With Steel?

Installing Steel Framing

Is Fortress Evolution Steel Framing Compatible With My Decking?

Can I Use Steel Framing With Existing Wood Posts?

How Hard Is It To Install Steel Deck Framing?

What Screws Do I Need To Install Composite Decking On Steel Framing?

Can I Use Steel Framing To Create Irregular Or Unique Deck Shapes?