Lighting Accessories

Wiring, bits, adapters, and more to fulfill all your lighting needs.

Everything you need for your deck lighting system. With transformers, dimmers, timers, and wiring pieces from popular brands in stock and ready to ship to you; brightening up your space can be a breeze.

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Base Adapter By Aurora Deck Lighting - Black
from $13.05
Pigtail Quick Connect by Aurora Deck Lighting
from $6.04
Low Voltage Wire for LED Lighting (18-2 Gauge)
from $72.99
Electrical Base Plate Socket Converter By Aurora Deck Lighting - 12v - 110v - Standard
from $10.21
3 in Bore Bit by Highpoint Deck Lighting
from $39.99
Forstner Bit for Dekor LED Lights
from $20.94
Weather Proof Wire Nuts - 18/2 Gauge
from $6.99
Wire Concealing Wood Trim by Acorn Deck Products--Cedar
from $11.99
T-5 (G9) Wedge Base Bulb for Highpoint
from $17.49 $24.99
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Highpoint G4 Bi-Pin Bulb
from $4.19 $5.99
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Save up to percent off!
Highpoint MR-16 Halogen Lamp
from $8.99
Highpoint Candelabra Bulb
from $8.99
Aurora S.C. Bayonet Bulb
from $3.40
Aurora Phoenix Series 2-in-1 Bit
from $37.27
Aurora Phoenix Series LED Low Voltage Wire
from $37.27
Flat Rail Surface Adapter by Aurora Deck Lighting - Black
from $9.99
EZ Timer by Dekor Lighting
from $31.28
Aurora T8 Line Voltage Bulb
from $5.09
Forstner Bit for Trex LED Deck Lights
from $25.99
G4 Bi-Pin LED Bulb for TimberTech
from $29.99