Screws & Fasteners

Do You Need to Drill Pilot Holes for Deck Screws?

Sometimes you will need to drill pilot holes for your deck screws. It all depends on the type of screw and material you are drilling into. It's a good idea for most hardwoods to drill a pilot hole. One of the many advantages of composite decking is that the screws usually do not require pilot holes.

For example, the Cap-Tor Xd Epoxy Coated Deck Screw by Starborn is designed in such a way that it eliminates the need for pre-drilling; but if you are using the Headcote 305 Stainless Steel Trim Head Deck Screws by Starborn on a hardwood deck, you will need to pre-drill.

If you are unsure if you will have to drill a pilot hole for your screws give one of our decking experts a call at DecksDirect 1-888-824-5316. We love helping you build a better deck!

What Screws Do You Use on Decking?

Decking Screws are designed specifically for decking boards. There are also many kinds of decking screws, it all depends on your fastening system of choice and the material of your deck.

DecksDirect can make sure you get the right screws and fasteners for your deck to eliminate rust, splitting, dimpling, and mushrooming. Check out this helpful Deck Screw Guide or give a decking expert a call at 1-888-824-5316. We love talking to you about your deck!

Are Deck Screws Wood Screws?

Some deck screws are made specifically for wood decking, while other screw types are made for composite decking, structural, or finishing projects. Make sure the screws you are purchasing are the best option for your project.

Check out this helpful guide for a better understanding of what Deck Screws are best used for what material. Or give a decking specialist a call at 1-888-824-5316. We love helping people build better decks!

Where Do You Put Decking Screws?

Traditionally decking screws are placed on top of the joists so they attach the deck boards to the framing of the deck. With a tool like the Camo Marskman Pro Tool, the screws are actually installed into the side of the board, going in at an angle down into the deck board and then the deck frame, but they are still secured at every joist with two screws on each side.

What Are the Best Deck Screws for Treated Lumber?

You should use coated and galvanized steel deck screws for pressure-treated wood or chemical-treated lumber. The Headcote 305 Stainless Steel Trim Head Deck Screw by Starborn is a great option for treated lumber and comes in many different head coat options to match your decking.

How Do You Hide Decking Screws?

There are two ways to hide Decking Screws, you could either eliminate them by using Hidden Fasteners, or you could use a Plugs and Plug System to hide them. Whether you are installing a composite deck by a manufacturer like Trex, Fiberon, or Duralife, or are installing a traditional hardwood deck, there's a plug system available for your deck. Give your deck a smooth surface to make cleaning easier and to maintain its pristine appearance.

Why Do Deck Screws Have Reverse Threads?

Reverse or transverse threads are designed on screws because they prevent mushrooming and eliminate the need to drill a pilot hole. This screw thread actually pulls out and removes board material while being driven into the plank for a clean finished look. This is especially popular for Composite Deck Screws.