Wood Railing

Wild Hog Railing panels are created with wooden railing.

Classic wood looks made easy. You don’t need to be an expert craftsman to get the beautiful, rustic style of natural wood deck railing. DecksDirect’s kits and project planning make it easy to get the look you need.

Project planning & expert advice from DecksDirect. Don’t start with a pile of wood and sink hours into a generic railing setup. Let DecksDirect plan your project for a unique, inspired wood deck railing that fits your style and vision.

General Wood Deck Railing FAQs

How Can I Add Style To My Wood Railing?

Wood railings are a common feature on decks - but you can set your wood railing apart from the rest by adding distinctive balusters, post caps, or lighting.

We carry a wide range of balusters that are perfect for upgrading a worn-out wood railing. Whether you want decorative face-mount balusters, sleek round or square options, or even stunning glass balusters, you can browse our options and call our team at 1-888-824-5316 to learn more about how they’d fit in your current wood railing setup.

Post caps are a brilliant way to give your traditional wood railing some new flair. We’ve got wood and metal options, including lighted post caps to extend the usable hours you’ve got on your deck.

That’s only the beginning when it comes to lighting options. Spice up your wood deck railing with a sparkling lighting plan, including lights mounted on posts, under rails, or in your deck stairs.

Can I Combine Wood Railing And Metal Balusters?

Yes! Wood rails and posts with sleek metal infill makes for a classic deck railing that blends the traditional and the modern. Vista’s Wood Deck Railing Kits feature a beautiful blend of wood and metal, or you can browse our baluster options to pair with your existing wood railing.

Do I Need To Use Baluster Connectors On Wood Railing?

Not always - some wood railings will have holes drilled or grooves cut in top and bottom rails to fit balusters. Metal panels from Wild Hog can install into grooves in wood, or into Hog Tracks. To make sure you get all the components you need for your specific wood deck railing setup, give our team a call at 1-888-824-5316 for a custom deck project package.

Can I Use Wood Railing On My Deck Stairs?

Yes - Vista makes it easy to add wood railing to your stairs with full deck stair railing kits for both its Tuscany line and its Somerset line. Wild Hog’s metal infill also comes in angled panels for stair installation.

Wood Deck Railing Maintenance

How Do I Protect Wood Deck Railing?

Wood stain will protect your wood deck railing from the harsh outdoor elements. We recommend staining your wood railings every two or three years. DecksDirect carries a handful of great stain options to fit your wood and desired color:

How Do I Clean Wood Railing?

To clean your wood railing, use a wood-specific cleaner like DeckWise’s Wood Deck Cleaner and Brightener. The cleaner will bring the natural color and wood grain back to your wood surfaces, and the brightener will restore the pH balance and make your wood railings shine again.