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How to Choose the Fastener You Need

How to Find the Screw You Need

Woodworking and DIY deck building is an awesome way to increase the living space of your home outdoors and create a backyard living space that family and friends will cherish for years to come. One of the hardest things to figure out when starting a DIY build or installation of any kind, is determining what type of screw you'll need to get the job done right!

From decking installation to general construction to the toughest, sturdiest structural building tasks; here's a guide on how to choose the fastener you need for the longest-lasting and most stable project possible.

How to Choose the Right Fastener

Whether you and your friends are getting together for a speedy DIY pergola build or are spending months designing a deck for your family's outdoor living space. From stainless steel screws to color-matching composite deck screws; we're here to help you make sure all of your hardware is perfectly in order.

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Finding the Perfect Fastener for Construction Projects

The majority of backyard and deck construction projects DIY builders will take on will fall into one of these three main categories: deck board attachment, general woodworking, and structural builds.

Decking Installation

Once your deck frame is built, DIY deck builders will want to fasten deck boards in place perpendicular to their deck joists to create the flooring below. While there is a plethora of hidden deck fasteners available to secure your decking without being visible from above, many homeowners will choose to face-fasten their planks. This is a popular choice for new builders due to their ease, availability, overall low cost, and straightforward application.

What Type of Decking?

Wood Decking

The most commonly used outdoor flooring option is natural or treated wood. Readily available at most big box stores, lumberyards, and building supply locations; wood deck boards are installed on roughly 80% of decks throughout the US. Popular types include pressure-treated pine, Redwood, Cedar, and Douglas Fir.

Color-matching screw options for wood decking include: Headcote, FastenMaster Headlok, and DeckFast fasteners.

Non color-matching hardware for wood deck boards include: GRK R4, Simpson Strong-Tie DSV, and Simpson Strong-Tie DWP fasteners.

Composite Decking

This version of alternative decking is an increasingly popular deck flooring option with a wide array of colors, textures, and lengths available. Popular brands such as Trex and TimberTech can help extend the life of your outdoor living space and enhance the style of your deck space.

Composite deck boards also feature a watertight capstock along the outer sides of the board to prevent water-damage, rot, and insect damage throughout the years for a longer-lasting deck floor.

Color-matching screw options for composite deck boards include TrapEase 3, TopLoc, Headcote, and CapTor fasteners. These fasteners will blend in with your specific decking shade to be nearly invisible once installed.

Non color-matching screw options for composite deck boards include Simpson Deck-Drive and GRK Trim Reverse Thread fasteners. This hardware provides a serious hold at a lower cost and will be visible once used.

General Construction:

General construction projects are any woodworking tasks that features wood-to-wood connections but isn't a project that people will be fully walking, standing upon, or sitting fully under. This can include benches, outdoor seating, garden boxes, and more.

ACQ rated screw options include the GRK R4 and Simpson Strong-Tie DSV fasteners.

Stainless Steel screw options include the GRK Pheinox and DeckFast fasteners.

Structural Build:

Structural construction projects are construction projects that can support the full weight of people or provide a sturdy space where guests and family can relax underneath it for a cool afternoon. DIY structural builds include decks, pergolas, arbors, garden bridges, and more.

For ledger board connection projects such as DIY deck and porches, fastener options include GRK RSS, Simpson Strong-Tie SD, and LedgerLok screws.

For multi-purpose structural projects the GRK RSS, FastenMaster Lok, and Simpson Strong-Tie SD screws are available.

For attaching to concrete or masonry, the GRK Caliburn and Simpson Strong-Tie Concrete and Masonry screws are tough options.

Want to know more details on deck screws and fasteners to complete your DIY deck build or backyard shade structure?

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