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Fortress Horizontal Cable Railing in Black Sand

Fortress is unique among all manufacturers for their choices in materials, finishes and lighting options. Fortress offers a wide selection of panelized railing systems in metal, cable, glass, and a glass baluster system for easy installation and improved air flow.

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Fortress Accents Deck Lighting

Fortress Lighting

Fortress Accents deck lights complement your Fortress Railing while combining the glow of energy-efficient LEDs with the durability of die-cast aluminum.

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Fortress Steel Balusters

Fortress Balusters

Fortress balusters combine the look of wrought iron with the strength of steel for a stunning addition to any deck or patio railing.

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Fortress Secondary Handrail

Fortress Handrail

Ensuring you and your family can climb the stairs safely is a top priority. Fortress Railing offers FE26 Handrail to enhance the safety of staircases and ramps.

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Fortress Railing Gates

Fortress Gates

Gates add safety and security to your deck. Fortress Gate Uprights with Gate Panels makes it easy to customize a gate that fits your space perfectly.

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General Fortress Railing FAQs

Why Should I Choose Fortress Railing For My Deck?

Fortress railings come in a variety of looks and options, but all share one key trait: ultra-reliable strength.

Fortress Building Product’s aluminum and steel railing offerings are high-quality deck railing options that will hold steady for years in your outdoor space. There’s nothing quite like the strength of metal railing: you can feel the strength and sturdiness of each railing at first touch. And unlike wood or other materials, metal deck railing is remarkably consistent - it doesn’t expand or contract much with temperature changes, which keeps your hardware connections tighter and more secure. One big bonus: Fortress’s railings are pre-welded for easy installation no matter your experience level.

What sets Fortress apart within the metal railing category are the wealth of design options. Fortress offers multiple colors within its steel and aluminum baluster railing lines. For an even more modern look, there are options for vertical cable and horizontal cable railings. And Fortress offers glass railing lines with both full glass panels and glass balusters (paired with either steel or aluminum rails). 

For help figuring out which of Fortress’s many offerings is best for your outdoor living space, give our team a call at 1-888-824-5316 for a free consultation.

Does Fortress Deck Railing Rust?

Fortress’s metal railing offerings are built tough to endure the harsh elements of your outdoor spaces - that includes using pre-galvanized steel, tough aluminum, and premium powder-coating. Unlike many metals, aluminum doesn’t rust - that makes Fortress’s AL13 lines a great rust-free option. Aluminum can still see some corrosion, but Fortress powder-coats its aluminum for even more protection. To make sure your aluminum stays corrosion-free, make sure to cover any cut ends or scratched surfaces with touch-up paint.

Steel can be prone to rust - but to protect against this, Fortress steel is galvanized and powder-coated. Just like with aluminum, make sure to use touch-up paint to cover up any cut ends or places where the coating has been scratched or scraped.

Where Is Fortress Railing Manufactured?

Fortress railings are made in the USA - they are produced by Fortress Building Products, a Texas-based company.

Choosing Your Fortress Railing

What’s The Difference Between Fortress AL13 and Fortress FE26?

Fortress’s AL13 lines are made of lightweight aluminum, while its FE26 lines are made from sturdy steel.

There are advantages to both materials. Steel is stronger and heavier than aluminum - you’ll feel the difference when you lean against your railing. On the other hand, aluminum is much lighter, making it easier to transport and install. One more big plus is that aluminum doesn’t rust.

For help picking out the right material for your deck railing project, call our team at 1-888-824-5316 - we love learning about your deck and your life, then connecting you with solutions that perfectly fit your needs.

Does Fortress Make A Glass Deck Railing?

Yes! You can find Fortress railing with glass infill in a few different styles. Fortress AL13 aluminum railing includes a line of full glass panel railing. DecksDirect makes full glass panel railing even easier by offering custom-cut glass panels to perfectly fit the size and layout of your deck. 

You can also find glass baluster railing options in both the aluminum AL13 line and the steel FE26 line.

Does Fortress Make A Cable Railing?

Yes! Fortress’s steel railing can use either vertical or horizontal cable runs as infill for a modern look that opens up the view from your deck. FortressCable V-Series features vertical cables and FortressCable H-Series is a horizontal cable railing With both lines, the strength of steel allows for longer railing panels that open up your view even further than typical cable railing setups.

Installing Fortress Railing

Can I Install Fortress Railing Myself?

Yes! Fortress’s metal baluster railing options ship to you as pre-welded panels - that makes them among the easiest deck railing systems to install. If you’re looking for a DIY installation, Fortress AL13 or FE26 are outstanding options. You can always call our team at 1-888-824-5316 for more advice on the installation process. Our team plans thousands of deck projects each year, so you’ll talk to a professional who has worked with railing kits of all shapes and sizes.

Can I Use Fortress Railings On My Deck Stairs?

Fortress produces pre-welded stair rail panels for both its AL13 and FE26 railings. Those stair panels, combined with Fortress’s coordinating gates for FE26 and AL13 make it simple to secure your deck stairs to meet building codes and keep your guests safe.

Fortress Railing Maintenance

How Do I Clean My Fortress Railings?

We recommend cleaning your Fortress railings every three or four months. Most of the time, regular soap and water will be all you need to make your railings shine again. Just mix warm water and a mild detergent, then wipe down your railings with the soapy mix and a soft cloth or sponge. Make sure you rinse all the cleaning solution off your railing surfaces with fresh water.

For cable infill, you can wipe down your cable runs with the same cleaning solution you’d use on the metal rails and posts.

For Fortress glass railings, mix liquid dish soap into warm water and wipe down your glass surfaces, then rinse them with fresh water and dry them with a lint-free cloth or towel.