Trex Decking Plugs

Trex Decking Plugs

Create a smooth deck surface with plugs for Trex decking. DecksDirect carries plug systems that match Trex decking because they're made from actual Trex decking material. We offer many colors, as well as kits to install Transcend decking on a metal framing system.

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The Cortex Plug System
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Plugs for Trex Pro Plug System by Starborn, shown in Rope Swing.
from $53.15
Pro Plug System PVC Decking and Trim Tool-Pro Plug Tool
from $19.55
Star-Drive Decking Fasteners for Starborn Pro Plug System - Epoxy Coated Steel - 2-3/4 in
from $49.40
Metal Framing Screws For PRO PLUG® System By Starborn
from $121.00
Loose Cortex Plugs for Trex Decking by FastenMaster
from $17.09
The Collated Cortex Hidden Fastening System for Trex Transcend Decking now offers plugs in collated strips.
from $95.39
The Cortex Concealed Fastening System for Trex Fascia includes a Counterbore Tool, TORX screw-setting tool, 100 epoxy-coated screws, and 105 color-matching plugs
from $72.89
Epoxy Coated Steel Pro Plug System for Trex Fascia by Starborn
from $47.85

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