How to Clean Deck Drainage Systems

How to Clean Under Decking Systems

Adding an under decking system to your home's outdoor space has been an increasingly popular way for homeowners to expand their usable living area without the expensive and messy hassle of full-on construction.

Do you want to gain a dry, beautiful patio area to relax during rain showers or a watertight space for seasonal storage? Deck drainage systems are an inexpensive method to finish a lower-level ceiling! Find out how to clean your under deck drainage systems and keep your patio's ceiling looking as fresh as day one!

Cleaning Deck Drainage Systems in 4 Easy Steps

It only takes a few household items and a little bit of elbow grease to clean your under deck drainage systems, including ZipUP UnderDecking, UpSide Deck Ceiling, and Trex RainEscape for a stunning lower-level patio space.

Learn how to keep your under decking systems clear and free of debris for a beautiful outdoor space

Types of Under Deck Drainage Systems

Under deck systems can vary in styles and designs to suit your outdoor aesthetic. If you're currently building your deck, you'll have different options than if you're adding an under-deck system to your already-built deck.

Trough systems, such as the Trex RainEscape line, are installed in the initial stages of deck building as they are attached to the deck joists. If you want a trough system, make sure to install it during your deck build.

Channel drainage systems, also referred to as panel drainage systems, such as UpSide Deck Ceiling and ZipUP UnderDeck Drainage can generally be added at any stage of deck construction and connect to the bottom of joists and ledgers holding water-diverting panels in place at an angle. If you're looking to upgrade an established deck, this will be your best option in under-deck drainage.

Steps to Clean Deck Drainage Systems

Step 1: Wipe Away Debris

Use a household broom, not a shop sweeper, to lightly brush away any dust, cobwebs, or pollen that may have become stuck to the underside of your under decking drainage line.

Next, use a clean towel or dishrag dipped into some warm soapy water to clear away any stuck-on debris or liquids that may have dried on the surface. Standard household cleaners such as TSP, Simple Clean, or OxyClean will do a marvelous job at polishing away any spots; otherwise, common dishwasher detergents such as Dawn® or Joy® can be used as well.

Step 2: Check for Clogs

Standing on top of your home's deck, pour a few cups of clean water on the deck boards, allowing it to fall through the deck board gapping and into the deck drainage system.

After pouring the water, watch the gutters installed on your under decking method and confirm that roughly all of the water poured empties out. If there seems to be a significant amount not leaving through the gutter system, inspect your drains for any clogs that may have built up from dropped items or fallen leaves.

If a clog exists, pinpoint the panel and trough section, remove the blockage, and reset the deck drainage system.

Step 3: Remove Panels and Wipe Down

If working with a paneled under deck system like ZipUP Deck Drainage, simply remove the panel where the clog or issue can be found to fix the issue. Panels can be removed by pushing up in the center of the panel, then use a pry bar or claw-end of a hammer to further unsnap the seal of the panel along the sides.

Step 4: Replace Broken Panels, Channels, or Troughs

If an unforeseen incident causes a rip, tear, or break in your home's under decking setup, be sure to replace any broken components as soon as possible to prevent moisture from being caught in the area. It's best to install deck drainage systems in temperatures above 40° F or higher to prevent the cold from affecting the pieces.

Find out how to clean under deck drainage systems and keep your outdoor living space clear and open

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