How to Care for Your Under Deck Space

When unexpected rain clouds gather, let your family and friends keep dry while still enjoy the outside with a protected lower-level patio space and under deck systems! Innovative and money-saving deck drainage systems divert water away from the surface and out into gutters along the edge of the upper-level deck. You can install Under Deck drainage systems between or below deck joists to prevent any rainwater or debris from falling between the deck boards and to the ground below.

Find the top under deck systems for your family's outdoor space and learn more about how to care for your under deck space. Give your family room to grow and expand with the warm, dry lower-level space from an under deck drainage system.

How to Clean Your Under Deck Space

Skip the worry of loose spiderwebs or unsightly spots by keeping your under deck space looking great throughout the years with these helpful tips from the pros at DecksDirect!

Find out how to clean your deck drainage system and how to care for your under deck space such as this ZipUP UnderDeck Drainage system

Sweep the Ceiling

Point your broom upwards and brush away any cobwebs, dirt, or dust that have come to live on your under deck ceiling. Sometimes cleaning your under deck space can be as simple as a brush-down to take years off the look of your lower-level patio.

Flush the Gutters Annually

In most cases, there is a very little amount of debris that enters the deck drainage Panels or RainEscape gutter system because it has to be small enough to fit through the decking. Small debris simply passes through the system with water. If your deck is in a leafy area, there may be some build-up. In this case, simply flush out the deck drainage system with water as needed or at least once a year.

Remove panels and remove lost objects

Some under deck systems, such as the ZipUP UnderDeck Drainage system or the UpSide Deck Ceiling system, allow the homeowner to remove installed pieces to remove any items that may have fallen in over time.

Toward the center of the deck drainage panel, push up firmly with your closed fist. Then using a tool with a wide, flat edge such as a mini pry-bar interrupt the bead of the seal between panels. With the seal broken on both sides of the channel, gently pull down the panel piece to un-zip it along its length.

Keep your lower level deck space clean and learn how to take care of your under deck space like this gorgeous waterproof patio with UpSide Deck Ceiling deck drainage system

Wipe the Ceiling Clean

You can clean the deck drainage system as often as you need to. A general rule of thumb would be to clean the under deck system when you need to clean your house. There are no set rules, if it is looking a little dirty, then clean it. To clean the panels, we recommend using a household stain remover and degreaser, such as OxiClean™ or Simple Green®.

Some deck cleaners can be harmful to the environment, plants, and pets. Be sure to lay down tarps in areas where this can be an issue. Dawn® dish soap is another excellent alternative. Use a soft sponge, cloth, or old t-shirt to avoid scratches.

Only Power Wash with Caution

Power-washing the upper deck surface or the installed panels and troughs won't affect your deck drainage system or under deck space. However, there are a few cases where you could potentially have some problems. The settings and strength of the power washer you use may need to be taken into consideration. If you are using a regular power washer on normal settings, within the range of 1300-3000 PSI, there shouldn’t be any issues.

What can happen with high-pressure power washers is that some of the water will push itself out through the drainage system and cause leaking. This is usually not a long-term problem, and the system will return to normal leak-free functionality once the pressure washer is away. Take a little extra care and time when you power wash, and there should not be an issue.

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