UpSide Deck Ceiling creates a beautiful finished ceiling for a lower-level patio or deck space


The area under your deck is often underused as a living space for a few reasons. Looking up at an unfinished surface of deck joists isn’t anyone’s dream view. Plus, the gaps in your decking allow rainwater to run through, so the ceiling over your head isn’t much of a ceiling.

Underdeck ceilings solve both of these problems in one clean shot. UpSide Deck Ceiling creates a beautiful, finished ceiling for your deck or patio area while also draining water away and keeping your underdeck space dry and cozy.

DecksDirect is here to make it easy for you to double your usable deck space with the brilliant UpSide Deck Ceiling by Color Guard system. We’ll run through some of the most important things to know about UpSide below. If you’re interested in learning more - or seeing what an underdecking project would look like in your outdoor space - call us at 1-888-824-5316 for a materials estimate and expert project planning help.

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UpSide Deck Ceiling is awesome. Finishing your underdeck space doesn’t take a lot of time or any special building skills. And the impact on your outdoor living is huge. In fact, as far as deck projects go, installing UpSide Deck Ceiling has among the best returns on investment (the investment of your time, energy, and skills) of any deck enhancement you could imagine.

UpSide Deck Ceiling transforms your deck space in look and function.

What Does UpSide Deck Ceiling Do?

UpSide Deck Ceiling serves two main functions: it funnels water away from your underdeck space, and it creates a beautiful, finished ceiling for the space beneath your deck.

UpSide is made from strong, durable PVC. The system attaches to the underside of your home’s deck, fastening to deck joists and ledgers. Long PVC channels carry rainwater, snowmelt, and condensation away from your house and into a gutter system of your choosing.

UpSide Deck Ceiling doubles the usable space of your deck

Why Choose UpSide Under Deck Ceiling?

There are plenty of reasons to add UpSide underdecking to your outdoor space. Let us run through just a few of our favorites:

Double Your Deck Space

When you can use the space underneath your deck, your outdoor living area doubles in size. That means you can host more of your family and friends in bigger gatherings without feeling cramped or crowded. 

The extra square footage also allows you to create more specialized areas within your deck space. Your deck surface might be Grill Central, set up specifically for cooking and eating, while your underdeck area can be a quieter, cozier space to curl up with a hot coffee and a good book, or reconnect with a dear friend over a glass of wine.

You’ll also appreciate the extra storage space - a finished underdeck area is perfect for patio furniture that needs a little more protection from the elements. You can store yard games, toys, firewood and more in a safe, dry space that makes your yard and home tidier.

Extend Your Usable Hours

You’ve put plenty of time, money, and sweat into your beautiful deck. Don’t you wish you could use it more? Adding an underdeck ceiling allows you to do just that.

Rain used to automatically cross “deck time” off your daily schedule. Not so anymore. Install UpSide and you can listen to the soothing pitter-patter of the rain from your underdeck area, wrapped up in a warm blanket with a warm beverage of your choice.

It’s not just rain that UpSide solves for. In the scorching heat of the summer, you’ll love the cool shade of your finished underdeck space. As temperatures drop in the fall and winter, your covered space will stay warmer and drier. The nightly sunset doesn’t have to end your deck enjoyment: a finished underdeck area is easy to light for a perfect late-night hangout.

Combine deck & porch perks

With UpSide, you get all the benefits of a porch and a deck.

We see the question all the time as we help people across the country enhance their outdoor space: do I want a deck or a porch?

With UpSide Deck Ceiling, you don’t have to choose. Your top-level deck space delivers all the benefits of an open-air deck. Meanwhile, right below your deck floor is a covered porch area with all the protection and privacy you’d expect from a porch. You can even choose to add screens for a screened-in porch space.

Upgrade the look of your outdoor space

Even if you completely ignored the functional benefits of water drainage, UpSide Deck Ceiling by Color Guard would still be a hot-ticket item, purely by virtue of how nice it makes your deck space look.

Start with this...

UpSide conceals the unfinished look of wood joists beneath your deck.

...And use this...

UpSide Deck Ceiling creates a beautiful, finished surface beneath your deck.

...To create this!

Sleek UpSide panels shine in the light and make your space inviting.

UpSide’s setup conceals the eyesores of old wood joists and replaces them with a sleek, smooth white ceiling made up of easy-to-clean PVC panels. UpSide ceiling panels shine in the light, taking a space that once looked like an unfinished construction zone and turning it into a cute, cozy room that looks like an extension of your indoor space. 

Protect your deck frame

What you don’t see behind that snazzy PVC surface is how UpSide’s under deck ceiling is adding to the lifespan of your deck. Regular exposure to water takes a major toll on your wood deck frame. UpSide drains that water away so you can spend more time enjoying your deck and less time replacing and repairing rotted joists and beams.

How do I install UpSide Deck Ceiling?

You can check out our more extensive UpSide installation guide here. For now, we’ll run through the high points so you can get a high-level view of how UpSide works.

How hard is it to install?

UpSide is surprisingly easy to install, whether you're an experienced DIYer or a project novice.

You’d be shocked how easy it is to install an underdeck ceiling. If you’ve done DIY home projects before, you’ll be able to handle it with no sweat. If you haven’t, an underdeck ceiling is a great place to start. We love guiding customers through their deck projects, and you can call our experts anytime for installation help.

UpSide Deck Ceiling doesn’t require any specialized tools. If you have a cordless drill, tin snips, a level and a measuring tape, you’re already most of the way there!

You can install UpSide on existing decks without having to remove any of your deck boards. That can be a common barrier to installing deck drainage systems on existing decks - but not so with UpSide.

Will UpSide Deck Ceiling fit in my underdeck space?

Yes! The beauty of UpSide is that you can cut and trim all pieces to exactly fit your underdeck area - even if you have an unusual deck shape. Our team loves creative problem-solving, so if you’re not sure how to tailor Color Guard’s UpSide underdeck system to your space, snap some pictures and send them to We’ll get all your measurements and help you put together a package and an installation plan that fits your space.

UpSide Deck Drainage System Highlights

  • Extended dry space for enjoyment & storage
  • Easy to install for experienced DIYers or novices
  • Can be installed on new builds or existing decks
  • Bright white beadboard finish
  • Durable PVC material
  • Customizable to your deck space
  • Protects your deck frame

With a clean look and a watertight seal, Color Guard's UpSide Deck Ceiling is a wonderful deck drainage option

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