5 Winter Tips for Outdoor Lighting

Despite the frost and freeze of the winter months, homeowners and builders across the United States still find a way to make the most out of the chillier season out on the deck! With nights growing longer, there's no better time to get bundles up and enjoy your beautiful deck lighting design outside under the bright stars of December and January!

Read this helpful Knowledge Builder post to learn 5 tips to protect outdoor lighting in winter and help keep your family's deck, porch, and patio the most popular place in the neighborhood no matter the time of year! Learn how to maintain your outdoor lighting in the winter and get ready to show off your deck space year-round!

5 Tips to Protect Outdoor Lighting in Winter

From kicking condensation to the curb and keeping your winter glow alive, no one has your deck lighting back quite like the deck designers here at DecksDirect! When you're planning your outdoor lighting design or just learning some DIY tips to protect your deck lights; we're here to help you get exactly what you need! Give us a call at 1-888-824-5316!

5 Outdoor Lighting Winter Tips

Find out how easy it can be to maintain your outdoor lighting and deck lights throughout the winter months with these easy tips

5 DIY Tips to Protect Your Deck Lights from Winter

1. Wipe Off Light Lenses

Throughout the year, dirt and debris can create a build-up on the deck light lenses creating a blocked or uneven glow from the outdoor light fixture. To combat this blocked light, use a clean microfiber towel or dish rag to carefully clean off all lenses and light proponents.

Wiping off your outdoor lights is especially important for those LED light fixtures that are installed near the ground level or out within the garden and yard such as landscape lighting and security lights. No heavy chemicals required, simply wipe away any pollen or dirt with a clean, damp rag or lightly mist with window cleaner to create a cleaner-looking outdoor space.

2. Inspect Moisture Zones

Ice and snow often drip and seep into the tiniest of light openings which can cause overall outlet issues. While the majority of deck lights and outdoor lights are created with waterproof LED diodes and cast-aluminum housings, these meltings tend to trip up your home or garage GFCI outlet.

If this happens to your outdoor lighting setup, simply press the RESET button on the outlet and ensure the outlet's cover is closed tightly.

3. Check for Lighting Wires In the Open

As the seasons change and the ground expands and contracts, the forces of the weather often tend to move wires up to the ground surface. Exposed wires should be inspected and reburied before the ground freezes for another year.

Exposed wire materials or damaged wires may need to be repaired or replaced before burial. If you spot a damaged deck lighting wire, please turn off the power source before investigating further.

4. Switch Out Any Dead LED Bulbs

Extreme temperatures and dynamic temperature shifts can shorten the lifespan of both incandescent and LED light bulbs. We recommend you replace any bulbs or LED diodes that are out as quickly as you can. As fixtures burn out, the working lights within the deck lighting system will receive more voltage, which can shorten their life.

Also important to keep in mind, landscape lighting and security light systems tend to run longer every day as there is less daylight in the winter months. Combat this by regularly checking on these fixtures throughout the cold months to ensure safety for your family's outdoor living space.

5. Mount or Conceal Connection Wires

If you spot any light-to-light connection wires sitting loose upon the ground or dangling from the deck rail or post; mount them up and hidden away from the weather elements for increased longevity.

While many of the plug and play wiring systems such as the Dekor Plug and Play Quick Connect Hub or the Trex Lighting Splitter will feature built-in screw openings to mount the wires up and away from the ground, snow, and rodents; many hard-wired connections won't feature this ease. Instead choose a Cable Tie with Screw Mount to snugly hold your wires together and provide a safe, secure spot to attach the wires to a deck railing, under deck area, or more.

Read through these easy 5 DIY tips to protect outdoor lighting and deck lights throughout the harsh winter months

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