Smart Home Lighting by Dekor Lighting

Smart Home Lighting by Dekor Lighting

Stay on top of the technology game with smart home light control with Dekor Lighting's dimmers, transformers, and LED lights. From motion sensor light controllers and dimmers to wifi-powered apps and settings, Dekor Lighting has taken deck and landscape lighting into the future!

Set your LED lights to switch on exactly when you want, exactly as bright as you want, and in exactly as many different zones and settings as you like. All by the press of a button or a flick of the wrist!

Dekor Wifi Lighting Controllers

Whether controlling your home's lighting design by a simple app on your smartphone or tablet, or by pressing a button on your hand-held remote; Dekor deck lights have put the ease back in easy outdoor living.

Smart Home Lighting by Dekor Lighting

Control your home's indoor, deck, and landscape lighting all with the phone in your hand with smart home lighting from Dekor Lighting

DEKORKONNECT WiFi Light Controller

Control your outdoor, landscape, and deck lighting with a swipe of your finger anywhere in the world with the innovative DEKORKONNECT™ WiFi Light Controller. Set specific lighting schedules, adjust the brightness of your DEKOR™ LED Lighting, and control multiple lighting zones with ease using the DEKORKONNECT™ Controller.

Simply install your deck lights, set up the DEKORKONNECT™ WiFi Light Controller, download the DEKOR™ Bond Home app, and enjoy easy management of your outdoor lighting whenever you need it, wherever you are.

If you can access the internet, you can access your DEKOR® lights. Since the KONNECT is always connected to your home's wifi network it’s available to homeowners no matter where they find themselves! If you forgot to turn off your deck lights before you left for work, no worries.

Change the mood and brightness of your home, deck, and landscape lighting by the phone in your hand with the Dekor Wifi Dimmer Simply program the EZ Wifi Dimmer, download the mobile app, and set your deck lights to the exact brightness settings you prefer

DEKOR EZ Wifi Dimmer

The EZ WIFI Light Controller by Dekor is a lighting controller that connects to your Wi-Fi network and allows you to control your DEKOR® lighting from your smartphone, tablets, bluetooth devices, or laptops easily.

With your smart home lighting, you can find your ideal brightness and light intensity with the touch of a button. To adjust your wifi-controlled Dekor lighting, slide your finger along the brightness slider to dim or brighten your lights in real-time, with a brightness range of 0% – 100%.

Install the Deck Light Wifi Dimmer between the Dekor light transformer and Dekor LED lights, making sure to install it within 100 feet of your Wifi router. Once the remote app is connected to your EZ Wifi dimmer, the lighting system can be controlled from anywhere with your smartphone or smart device.

Dekor EZ Motion Sensing Controller

Switch the LED landscape and deck lights on and off as you like, when someone enters or exits a space, whether inside or out with the Dekor EZ Motion Sensor Controller. Set how bright you want the lights; set the duration they stay on; even the sensitivity.

Connect your LED lights to the receiver and use them at the top and bottom of stairs, beginning and end of hallways, entrances, and exits of rooms, closets, cabinets, anywhere you want to have outdoor and deck lights turn on or off based on movement or light.

You no longer need a separate photocell, dimmer, or motion controller because the EZ Motion Controller can replace all three. With this one device you can program the length of time you want your deck lights to be on, set the sensitivity of the motion control, program how bright you want your light to be; all with one device.

Increase the safety and security of your home wherever you live with the Dekor EZ Motion Sensor Light Remote No need to get up to change your deck light settings, simply use the Dekor EZ Motion Sensor Controller

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