How to Hide Electrical/Lighting Wires Outside

How Do You Hide Wires on Deck Lights?

Installing deck lighting on your outdoor space is a definite way to liven up the atmosphere of your entire backyard area! From misty early mornings to late-night conversations, designing an outdoor light design can make family and friends feel more comfortable and welcome at your home.

LED lighting can extend the use and pleasure of an outdoor deck, increase safety and security and make the space more attractive and inviting. As the sun sets, you can still stay outside and enjoy your deck and company with a well-designed outdoor lighting plan that accentuates certain deck features and creates the perfect atmosphere. But planning how to hide electrical/lighting wires outside and keep your deck, porch, or patio looking neat is crucial!

Find out how to hide electrical/lighting wires outside and keep your deck clear of outdoor light wires for a beautiful space

How to Hide Electrical Cords on a Deck?

Installing deck lighting is a great DIY project and can be completed within a few hours depending on the size of the project. It's a good idea to have a wiring diagram ready prior to installing your exterior lighting so that you know you'll have enough runs and connection points.

From post lights and deck rail lighting, to stair lighting and recessed lights, choose specific features to highlight your deck, porch, or patio area exactly the way your home should be. Check out this helpful video on how to make a deck lighting design and create a deck lighting plan for your outdoor space:

With an outdoor lighting plan on the ready, it's time to get out there and start your DIY deck light installation! Low voltage lights and solar lighting options have advanced so far in the past few years that learning how to install outdoor lights is a snap! But no one wants messy cords and appliances sticking out of the wood work!

How to Hide Outdoor Lighting Wires

Watch this straightforward and easy-to-follow video below to learn how to hide electrical/lighting wires outside and keep those deck light cords tucked away and out of sight.

How to Hide Wires from Deck Lights

To start you'll need to route a channel into your top rail to get your electrical wire run from one post to another. Now drill a hole down into the top of your post and drill one hole out of the post to the top rail channel. This will allow you to feed lighting wire down the post and through the top rail to the next post.

You will also have space to store your wire nuts and wire connections within the hole you drilled into your post. If you needed to run the wire down the full length of the post you can purchase Wire Concealing Wood Trim from DecksDirect.

Learn more about the basics of deck lighting and more info on how to install LED deck lighting on your outdoor space in the Deck Lighting Guide. From stair lighting, rail lighting, post cap lights, and solar deck lights; we're here to help you every step of the way with your DIY deck build or remodel. Get started on your home's LED deck light project today and illuminate your outdoor space.

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