How to Clean Solar Deck Lights

How to Clean Solar Deck Lighting

Illuminate your deck, patio, or outdoor space with a beautiful, eco-friendly outdoor lighting look of solar deck lighting. But how do you keep your solar deck lights clean year after year? It's actually much easier than you may think! From solar post cap lights to solar rail lights, learn how to keep solar lights clean and keep cleaning deck lights low on your to-do list!

Here are some quick steps on how to clean solar deck lights and help your exterior lighting design last its longest for a safe, backyard space. No special solar light cleaners or tools necessary; you can learn how to clean solar deck lights with items you have on hand at home already.

Learning how to clean solar deck lighting can help extend the life of your solar deck lights for a great outdoor space

Learn How to Clean Solar Lighting

Step 1: Wipe loose dirt, debris, and pollen away from the solar deck light with a damp cloth.

Stuck-on dirt or dust can decrease the solar post light or solar deck rail lights’ performance and quality. Giving your solar lights a panel cleaning every month, will ensure a bright, responsive solar light. Always wring out the cleaning cloth, rag, or sponge before wiping the deck light. An excess of water could damage the electronics if it drips into the panel.

Step 2: Clean off any stubborn grime or stains with a gentle soap such as liquid dish detergent and warm tap water.

Softly scrub the solar panel and solar light housing until all the grime is removed. When using a sponge for this job, be sure to avoid using the roughly textured side. This could scratch the panel and leave a lasting mark.

Step 3: Wipe the panel off with a clean, damp towel.

Remaining soap scum attracts more dirt and will cloud up the panel again. Take a clean cloth or paper towel and dampen it with water. Then rub the panel until all the soap is gone. You may have to dampen the cloth again to remove all the soap. You could also run the solar deck rail lighting panel under a faucet, but make sure to keep the water away from the light’s internal electronics. These are underneath the panel and inside the light globe. Keep the water focused on the panel and deck light housing itself.

Step 4: Repeat this cleaning process every 2-3 months for top performance.

Outdoor lights accumulate dust and debris, so clean them regularly to prevent buildups. On average, a thorough cleaning every 2-3 months keeps them in good working order. This cleaning schedule may change depending on the region and climate where you live. In damp environments, the solar deck lights may not need cleaning as often. In a dry, dusty environment, they might need a monthly cleaning. Check on your solar lights routinely and clean them when they’ve accumulated a layer of debris.

Pro Tip: Remove the battery if you see signs of corrosion.

Corrosion appears as white sand that can become caked on to the solar light batteries and terminals. If you spot any corrosion in the battery compartment of your solar light, begin by putting protective gloves on. Remove the solar batteries. Don’t discard the solar light batteries right away, they may still work after being cleaned. If alkaline batteries were being used in the solar deck lights, throw them away. Replace the solar deck light batteries with a new version of the original batteries that were used.

Put a drop of distilled vinegar on the corroded areas of the solar lights. Vinegar will help neutralize and dissolve the corrosion for a longer-lasting solar light. Apply the distilled vinegar to any corroded areas on the battery and terminals. Let the vinegar sit for a minute to soak in. Only apply a small amount of vinegar, too much could flood the technology of the solar deck lighting. If you’re worried about pouring too much vinegar, then dip a paper towel into it and rub it on the corrosion instead.

Scrub off the corrosion with an old toothbrush. Scrub in a circular motion to help dislodge the buildup.

Wear goggles during this step. The corrosion could splash up as it comes loose.

Keeping solar deck lights and outdoor deck lighting clean and free of debris will help keep your outdoor living space its safest and most beautiful

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