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The SDWS Timber Screw by Simpson is designed to install easily and provide superior strength when compared to traditional through bolting or lag screws. These structural wood screws are ideal for both contractors and the do-it-yourselfer. This screw offers a bold thread design that provides exceptional holding power, along with the patented 4CUT tip that ensures fast starts, cutting down on installation torque and eliminating the need for pre-drilling in most applications. Under-head nibs that offer outstanding control when seating the large washer head that provides the ultimate in bearing area. Double-barrier coating provides corrosion resistance equivalent to hot-dip galvanization.

Introducing the Strong-Drive SDWS Timber SS heavy-duty structural fastener with severe corrosion–resistant Type 316 stainless steel. Offering a heavy-duty 0.276 inch-diameter shank, SawTooth™ point, and flat washer head make the SDWS Stainless Steel Timber Screw the ideal choice when building decks where strength and severe-corrosion resistance are critical. These screws are the perfect solution for installing railing posts on your deck surface.


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SDWS Timber Information (6.47 MB) 

SDWS Timber SS Information (4.86 MB) 

Head TypeWasher
Screw LengthSDWS Timber (Double-Barrier Coating): 3 in, 4 in, 5 in, 6 in, 8 in, and 10 in
SDWS Timber SS (316 Stainless Steel): 4 in, 5 in, and 6 in
Material TypeDouble-barrier coated or 316 stainless steel
Pack SizeSDWS Timber (Double-Barrier Coating): 50 pack, 250 pack, 400 pack, 500 pack, 600 pack, and 950 pack
SDWS Timber SS (316 Stainless Steel): 10 pack and 30 pack
Coverage Estimaten/a
Included Accessories50 pack and 250 pack: (1) 6-lobe, T-40 driver bit
400 pack, 500 pack, 600 pack, and 950 bulk pack: (2) 6-lobe, T-40 driver bits
10 pack and 30 pack: (1) 6-lobe, T-50 driver bit
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