Exterior Deck Drive DWP Wood SS Screw by Simpson Strong-Tie

Exterior Deck Drive DWP Wood SS Screw by Simpson Strong-Tie

DecksDirect Item #6549

Exterior Deck Drive DWP Wood SS Screw by Simpson Strong-Tie

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Deck-Drive DWP Wood Stainless Steel Screws are ideal for a huge variety of wood-to-wood applications. From docks to decks, this screw provides excellent corrosion resistance with Type 305 stainless steel. For applications where severe corrosion resistance is necessary, Type 316 stainless steel is also available.

The extra-sharp point quickly penetrates even dense hardwoods while the outstanding "box" design of the threads increases driving productivity by up to 35%. Choose from flat head and trim head in a wide array of sizes and lengths. Bulk packages are available for economical purchasing on large jobs!

Product Specifications

Drive TypeStar/Torx Drive
Screw Sizes#7 x 1-5/8", #7 x 2-1/4", #7 x 3", #8 x 1-1/4", #8 x 1-5/8", #8 x 2", #8 x 2-1/2", #8 x 3", #10 x 1", #10 x 2", #10 x 1-1/2", #10 x 2-1/2", #10 x 3", #10 x 3-1/2", #10 x 4-1/2", #12 x 2-1/2", #12 x 3-1/2", #12 x 4", #12 x 4-1/2", #12 x 5", and #14 x 4"
Material Type305 Stainless Steel or 316 Stainless Steel
Pack SizesVaries by screw type/size. 100 pc, 350 pc, 500 pc, 700 pc, 750 pc, 800 pc, 1000 pc, 1750 pc, 2500 pc, 3000 pc, 3500 pc, 4000 pc, or 5000 pc
Coverage Estimaten/a
Included Accessories(1) T-25 6-lobe driver bit
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Additional Information

Additional Information

DecksDirect Item # 6549
Manufacturer Simpson Strong-Tie

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authorized retailer

Simpson Strong-Tie offers a wide variety of dependable hardware and tools to build any size and style of deck. Founded in 1956, the company works closely with industry professionals in order to provide field-tested and code-listed deck screws and brackets that are suitable for any project.


Simpson Strong-Tie strives to put customers first, offering high-quality fasteners built to last. In addition to their plethora of screws and brackets, Simpson also sells proprietary decking tools to help you get the job done right.


Simpson Strong-Tie’s hardware solutions are some of the best available, providing consistent excellence across the board, available here at DecksDirect.

Features and Benefits
  Industry Leader This brand is known globally as a leader in premium decking products.
  Durable Quality This brand offers products that are built to last and withstand the elements.
  DIY Friendly This brand is reliable and easy-to-install for professionals and DIYers alike.
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