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How to Build a Wood/Metal Deck Railing

How to Build a Wood and Metal Deck Railing

Keep your DIY deck build or deck renovation simple yet powerful with a beautiful blend of wood and metal railing materials. A genius method to help your deck mesh with the soft architectural style of your home, building rails from wood and metal will keep deck building costs low and deliver wonderful outdoor looks.

Aside from providing a great deck railing design and appearance, metal deck balusters installed on wood railing also creates a durable and secure deck railing. Skip the worry of splintering or water-damage, metal deck spindles mounted on wooden deck rails are powder-coated and typically crafted from thick aluminum or steel for a railing infill that's near immovable.

From soft, round metal balusters that tend to fade away from view when installed, to the enduring look of square metal balusters to give your deck a dash of distinction, a simple deck spindle upgrade can make all the difference. Or choose to go bold and dramatic with decorative balusters with twists and baskets or create a deck baluster pattern of your design with deck baluster accessories strategically set at certain heights of your railing.

Get the best of both deck railing worlds by building a wood and metal deck railing design to showcase your home's outdoor space

DIY Deck Railing with Wood and Metal

Choosing to combine the warm, natural look of wood railing materials such as Cedar, Pine, or Redwood with the clean-cut and contemporary appearance of metal deck railing systems can help transform your home's outdoor space.

Ideal for DIY deck builders, professional deck contractors, or deck designers alike, learning how to build a wood/metal deck railing is a wonderful choice as it is a midway point between maintaining a full wood deck railing system or jumping forward into a modern metal railing line.

How do you build a deck railing with metal spindles?

There are 3 popular options on how to create a unique deck railing combining wood and metal and complete a DIY deck railing project for your outdoor living space!

1) Shop Complete Wood/Metal Deck Railing Kits

Vista Wood Deck Railing Kits combine the rich look of Cedar deck rails with strong powder-coated metal deck balusters all in one package

Convenience and gorgeous looks all together in one package, complete wood/metal deck railing kits offer everything you could need for a deck railing installation. With strong, thick Cedar top and bottom rails, black powder-coated aluminum balusters, and durable mounting brackets, wood deck railing kits allow for straightforward planning, designing, estimating for your deck, porch, or patio space.

Vista Wood Deck Railing Kits are available in three different baluster designs to perfectly complement your home's outdoor aesthetic:

-The Traditional Deck Railing Kit from Vista features round black balusters to essentially fade from view once installed.
-The Vista Somerset Deck Railing Kit boasts strong square balusters in a matte black finish for a solid, stately design.
-The Tuscany Deck Railing Kit by Vista Railing wows with gently curved balusters and a horizontal accent bar for a beautifully dramatic look.

To build a wood/metal deck railing with a Vista Deck Railing Kit, simply start by positioning and anchoring the Vista Wood Deck Posts in place along your deck perimeter. Then measure the opening of the railing sections and trim the rails of your Vista Wood Deck Railing Kit to fit that distance.

Mount the bottom rail in place between the two deck posts, set the deck balusters in the pre-drilled openings, then place top rail in position and mount with the remaining two brackets.

Choose a metal baluster railing infill panel such as Evolve to create a strong metal deck railing infill for your wooden deck posts and rails

2) Choose a Metal Baluster Infill Panel

For those looking to renovate their wood deck railing quickly and with minimal effort, check out the brilliant option of metal railing infill panels. These sturdy railing infill pieces generally are crafted from powder-coated aluminum and are attached directly to the existing wood top and bottom rails.

Not available in many stores, metal baluster infill panels can be a bit difficult to shop for, and even more so to replace years later if needed. Yet, for an incredibly quick deck railing renovation and convenient option

Learn how to install metal deck balusters on your wood deck railing to create a beautiful wood and metal deck railing for your home's backyard

3) Create Your Own Wood and Metal Rail Look!

The options are as open as your own imagination when you decide to DIY build a deck railing! Choose the wood type that catches your eye and get started expanding your indoor space outdoors. Popular wood railing materials include Cedar, Redwood, Ipe, Locust Wood, and Pressure-Treated Pine. All of these wood deck railing choices can look stunning with or without a deck stain to complete the overall style you want for your outdoor space.

With your wood rails selected, measured, and cut to length per your railing sections; attach them to your wooden deck posts with strong and reliable rail connectors from trusted brands including Deckorators and Fortress.

Now, space and install your metal deck balusters as you like! For baluster installation between the top and bottom rails, use accompanying baluster connectors to set your balusters in place before positioning your top rail across the baluster ends. For face-mount baluster installation, simply measure and mark the locations where balusters will be attached and anchor in place with the included color-matching screws.

Here's a great video on how to estimate your baluster count and plan out your deck baluster spacing for a consistent look across your deck rail!

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