Modern Wood Railing Options To Make Neighbors Envious

Top Wood Deck Railing Options and Designs

The most popular deck railing material throughout the United States continues to be the timeless look of wood. While the innovation of metal deck railing and composite deck railing systems grow every year, it seems that most DIY deck builders and professional deck contractors alike choose the warm, natural style of wood when designing a deck and rail layout.

Common wood railing types include the versatile pressure-treated pine railing, the rich look of Cedar deck posts, and a bevy of hardwoods such as Teak, Ipe, and Cumaru. For the majority of architectural styles and house designs within the US, a classic wood railing design can bring out the details of the home design while connecting the indoor space to the comfort of nature beyond.

What Are Some Wood Deck Railing Ideas That I Can Build?

Simple and straightforward, building a deck railing from natural wood materials is achievable by deck builders of any experience level. For homeowners seeking an ornate, grand deck railing design, wood deck styles can be crafted from deck contractors in nearly any look imaginable.

For DIY deck builders hoping to build a sturdy and safe wood deck railing that will protect their family, friends, and guests while keeping deck budget cost low; a wood deck rail design is just the ticket!

This, however, doesn't mean that you wood deck aesthetic needs to be boring! Livening up old wood decks or building a new deck that blends the old feel of lumber with modern details couldn't be easier. Check out the most popular wood railing options available to enhance your home's outdoor living space and create a deck, porch, or patio that will be the envy of others in the neighborhood.

What Are Some Wood Deck Railing Ideas & Options I Can Create in My Backyard?

Install wood deck railing and keep the modern look of metal deck railing with Vista Wood Deck Railing Kits with metal deck balusters and Cedar posts and rails

1. Modern and Complete Wood Deck Railing Kits

Want to give your outdoor living space a full makeover? Looking to install a combination of metal and wood railing but with minimal work and room for error? For everything you need packaged together all-in-one, shop full wood deck railing kits!

Vista Wood Deck Railing Kits feature rich red Cedar deck rails and posts with three different metal baluster infill designs to choose from: the contemporary square metal baluster of Somerset, the simplistic view of round metal balusters in Traditional, or the bold and dynamic curved baluster appeal of the Tuscany.

Simply purchase Vista wood deck posts and the level railing sections or stair railing sections needed to complete your outdoor space, and call your deck railing order finished!

Give your old wood deck railing more strength and stability with the fresh solid look of metal deck balusters installed on wood railings

2. Liven Up Old Wood Rails with Fresh Deck Balusters

Blending together wood railing and strong powder-coated deck balusters can create a deck aesthetic ideal for cabin railings and townhomes alike. The perfect choice for deck railing makeovers, installing metal balusters on wood top and bottom deck rails can bring old deck railings into the future for an attractive final effect.

Choose between installing your metal deck balusters between the top and bottom deck rails via baluster connectors or face-mounting the spindles against the sides of the rails for an even easier baluster install.

A myriad of deck baluster options are available to fulfill your deck's style! Choose from decorative twist balusters and basket balusters, strong square balusters, and gentle round metal balusters. Or choose to switch up the look all together by choosing near-invisible glass balusters to mount between your deck rails.

Adding deck baluster accessories in your own unique pattern can also add a splash of fun and excitement to a new wood deck railing setup that sets your backyard space apart from the rest.

Create a beautiful, rustic look for your home, cabin, or cottage with Wild Hog Railing Panels mounted on wood deck posts and rails for a firm deck railing setup

3. Wood Railing with Hog Wire Panels

An ideal option for homes, ranches, or cabins with a rustic, western aesthetic; Wild Hog wire railing panels can complete your home's style both inside and out! Strong powder-coated steel wire panels installed between wood deck posts and rails deliver a wide open view range with the protection of a durable deck railing.

Wild Hog railing panels can be mounted on wood railing by sandwiching the hog wire panel between wood deck rails, creating a channel in the wood deck rails for the Wild Hog panel to sit in, or picture-framing the steel wire railing panel along the wood deck rails with Hog Tracks Channels.

Learn more about the different ways to build a deck railing with Wild Hog Railing Panels in this Knowledge Builder post.

Mount tempered glass panels between your wood deck posts for a long-lasting and beautiful deck aesthetic

4.Wood with Glass Panels

For a unique wood deck railing design that combines the gorgeous views of the scenery outside with the strong, substantial feel of thick wood deck posts, consider installing tempered glass panels between your existing wood posts.

Glass panel railing can be installed between wood deck posts with either powder-coated aluminum rails such as with the Fortress AL13 Pure View or Westbury Veranda Glass Rail system.

Featuring clean lines, open views, and heightened protection for guests, children, and pets; mounting full glass panels between wood deck posts is an ideal choice to create a cohesive feel between the home and the grand sense of nature outside.

Installing stainless steel cable railing for your deck railing infill adds protection while increasing your backyard views

5. Sleek Cable Railing

Streamlined and clean-cut, installing cable railing between wood deck posts can help modernize your outdoor living space while increasing the security compared to worn-down wooden balusters. These thin 1/8th inch thick runs of stainless steel wire railing protect guests, pets, and children from slipping through railing sections while keeping garden views wide and clear.

Feeney CableRail Kits for Wood Posts are available in either a 1/8th inch or 3/16th inch thickness and are offered in a package complete with all hardware and cable fittings necessary for a cable railing install. Simply measure and mark your cable runs up along your wooden deck posts, drill with the appropriate Feeney CableRail Drill Bits or coordinating sizes, and run your cables in their place.

Learn more about how to install cable railing on your wooden deck posts and rails in this convenient video here:

Illuminate and awaken the lovely look of your old wooden deck with the brilliant glow of LED deck lighting added to your outdoor space

6. Wood Deck Rail Lighting

Want to give your deck, porch, or patio a touch of razzle dazzle without actually having to renovate your installed wood railing? Or perhaps you're planning out your deck design and feel like your wood deck railing is missing something special?

Consider adding the brilliant looks of LED deck lighting to your outdoor space and give your backyard the touch of magic it's been missing. A wonderful choice to help your nighttime backyard look as whimsical as it feels, installing deck lighting is simple enough to be done in a day yet delivers an atmosphere friends and guests will remember for years.

Choose between the wireless and electricity-free ease of solar deck lighting option, or keep your deck lighting well within your control with the efficiency of low-voltage lighting. Add post cap lights to illuminate your rich, warm wooden deck posts, install deck rail lighting to highlight the perimeter of your space, or plot out stair and step lighting to keep guests safe while traversing.

How does your garden grow? All along your deck railing of course with movable deck railing accessories to keep your plants and flowers up off the deck floor

7. Growing Garden Wood Deck Railing

The absolute easiest and most popular method of rejuvenating your outdoor deck railing space is to add the natural beauty of growing flowers, vegetables, and herbs to your area. Movable deck railing accessories such as those by Hold It Mate and Deckorators allow you to give your old wood deck railing a makeover in minutes!

These innovative deck railing accessories attach to your existing deck balusters with zero damage or drilling to support flower boxes, vegetable plant pots, and herb gardens. Need to reposition your flowers to get more sunlight? No problem! Just loosen the through-bolt and lift the piece up from the wood railing.

Learn more about the basics of deck framing and building in the Deck Framing Guide and learn the specific deck part names in the Glossary of Deck Terms and Lingo.

Browse more deck design and railing style notes to upgrade your backyard space and deck in the DecksDirect Railing Style Guide. The quickest way to learn if your home is more suited for a classic aluminum deck railing or a strong, composite railing line.

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