Deck Railing Connectors

Install your railing with confidence. Whether mounting posts onto your deck, or connecting railings to those posts, DecksDirect has solutions. From Post Anchors and Base Kits, to Rail Connectors for level, stair, and angled applications; we're here to help you install your railing and do it right.

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Rail Connectors, 2x4 Brackets, and More

Installing new rails on your deck? DecksDirect offers a wide range of rail connectors to provide strong, effective support for attaching wooden deck rails to posts. With our elegantly designed deck rail connectors, you never have to compromise on the overall look and feel of your deck for quality deck rail installation.

DecksDirect also carries OZCO Ironwood Rail Saddle Post Base Kits for securing deck posts on the deck board surface. Browse our level and angled options from premium manufacturers like Deckorators, OZCO, Fortress Building Products, and more.

Made of high-quality, durable materials, our deck rail brackets will provide an optimum rail-to-post connection to ensure that your rail installation is as sturdy and secure as possible for a long-lasting deck railing.

Choose from high-grade stylish powder-coated finish metal deck brackets to long-lasting plastic and nylon connectors. They also come in natural colors, like black, cedar, redwood, and gray.

What Is the Use of Rail Connectors?

Rail connectors are small fixtures made of metal, plastic, nylon, or other materials. They are primarily used for attaching railings to posts, usually on home decks and porches. A rail connector is fastened onto a deck post using galvanized steel screws, and then the wooden rail slides into the slot of the bracket and is attached via two more steel screws.

Why Should I Use Rail Connectors?

Using deck rail connectors will help you do a neater, higher-quality installation of connecting deck rails to posts. Moreover, they help provide optimum support to your rail-to-post installation, ensuring your home improvement project’s durability and security.

Should I Get Plastic or Metal Rail Connectors?

Plastic rail connectors and metal rail connectors each have their own advantages. Both are long-lasting and durable, but metal is understandably a more robust and sturdier material. Both work as well as the other, and largely style will determine your choice.

Both are relatively low-maintenance. Metal rail connectors can rust over time, though, so they need to be cleaned and applied with an anti-corrosion spray. When it comes to price, plastic rail connectors are typically more affordable than metals ones because the material is cheaper.

How to Clean and Maintain Rail Connectors

Rail connectors require minor cleaning and maintenance from time to time to keep your deck railing securely attached to their posts and to maintain the beauty and freshness of your deck.

Follow these tips for cleaning and maintaining your rail connectors:

  • Avoid getting rail connectors wet. Whether you’re watering the lawn or cleaning the deck, try to not get the connectors overly wet. Constant exposure to moisture, plus heat, can corrode metal and wear down plastic over time.
    If you get the connectors wet, wipe them with a dry cloth. Aside from damaging the connectors, the liquid residue can also leave unsightly hard water stains that will need a lot of work and potentially damaging cleaners to remove.
  • Clean rail connectors with nonabrasive cleaners. Use a gentle cleaner and a soft brush or towel that won’t melt or damage the plastic or metal material. Remember to wipe away any liquid residue.
  • Apply protective coating on railing connectors. There are various surface coatings available on the market for protecting different types of materials, like plastic and metal. Applying surface protectants also helps ensure that screws continue to be securely attached to rails and posts.
  • Tighten the screws holding the rail connectors periodically. The screws fastening the rails to their posts can loosen over time, especially if people love to lean on the deck railings. Check the connectors at least once a month and tighten the screws as needed.

Maintenance is an important part of keeping your home in good shape and making your home fixtures, structures, accessories, and supplies last much longer.

Where Can I Buy Rail Connectors?

DecksDirect offers a variety of railing and decking hardware and supplies for your deck improvement projects. Check out our massive deck rail connectors, railing systems, LED deck lighting, and more!