How to Add Columns to Your Front Space

Deck and porch supports can transform the entire appearance of your home's outdoor design and style. Combining wonderful style with durable structure and functionality, adding pillars to your front space can provide your home a completed, clean look.

Ideal for DIY builders and homeowners working on their fixer-upper locales, learning how to add structural columns to your front space and outdoor entryway can help you create a beautiful, welcoming space. Whether you're looking to flip your residence and want a quick DIY house fix, or you want to beautify your home and up your curb appeal; check out how to build columns to your deck and doorway.

How to Add Columns to Your Doorway

Let your home deliver the best first impression and create a true front to the exterior of your home by learning how to add pillars to your front porch and deck. Weave style and structure together in one with breathtaking porch columns or deck pillars around your home's exterior.

With several designs, colors, and materials available, structural deck columns can transform the entire ambiance of your space to deliver a look of grandeur while also completing the appeal of your home and helping your yard pop compared to others in the neighborhood.

how to add columns to your outdoor space

Add Columns to Your Front Porch

Cover up existing wood posts or structural posts and build a full entryway that's warm and inviting with stately pillars along your front porch. Aluminum columns or vinyl column wraps can create the illusion of a larger space for your home to enhance the overall appearance of homes and apartment buildings.

Choose the stunning powder-coated aluminum deck columns, such as those from AFCO, which are load-bearing and will comfortably support the roofs of homes, deck, porches, and carports. Or simply go decorative with vinyl post wraps and column wraps which will cover the wooden or metal support posts beneath to deliver a gorgeous appearance.

Mount and install columns to your front doorway, deck, and porch to increase the curb appeal of your home

How to Install AFCO Aluminum Pillars

  1. Measure the opening height where the column will be placed.
  2. Cut each stave of the AFCO pillar 1/4 inch longer than the opening size using a circular saw with a metal cutting blade.
  3. Carefully connect the four AFCO Aluminum pieces together securely and tap lightly with a rubber mallet to ensure a connection.
  4. Place the assembled column into the upright base of the large deck post.
  5. Slide the top portion, or capital, over the top of the assembled piece and let sit at the base of the column.
  6. Position the aluminum column in place and use a level to ensure that the load-bearing column is plumb.
  7. Attach the beautiful column to the floor surface with the appropriate anchoring fasteners through the AFCO Column Hold Down Clips or AFCO Hurricane Installation Bracket.
  8. Raise the top base, or capital, to the cieling or roof above and similarly attach with the AFCO Column Hold Down Clips or AFCO Hurricane Installation Brackets being used.
  9. Connect the column capital to the column wall with color-matching screws making sure to pre-drill the screw holes.

Deck and porch columns create a beautiful outdoor entry way or backyard area that opens up to welcome family, friends, and guests

How to Install Post and Column Wraps

  1. Measure the opening height where the pillar will be placed.
  2. Subtract 1/8 inch from the opening height and cut all four sides of the post wrap to this length.
  3. Align and connect two of the four parts of the support post wrap by snapping them together around the structural post.
  4. Set the two connected pieces aside.
  5. Repeat this process with the remaining two pieces.
  6. Compress the two halves together around the post until the cover fits snugly around the post.
  7. Install post skirts at the top and bottom if desired.

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