Top 5 Backyard Pergola Designs

Whether you're aiming to make your backyard a more usable area year-round or trying to help it become the place to be through the warm summer months, adding a DIY pergola to your outdoor space can transform the entire atmosphere! You may be wondering what exactly a pergola is, and how you can find a pergola design that will mesh with the feel of your home's aesthetic.

Great news! There are endless ways to design a pergola and even different pergola types such as arbors, pavilions, and more! No matter the size of your home's backyard or your architectural style, there's a DIY pergola that can perfectly blend with the mood you're aiming for and the lifestyle you have. So from looking to expand your outdoor living space or highlight the smaller backyard you already have; there's a pergola design just waiting for you and your special flair.

Even better?! There are tons of pergola systems and outdoor design kits that will include everything you need to build the backyard pergola, arbor, or shade structure of your dreams! Perfect for 4x4 wood posts or 6x6 wood posts, these DIY pergola kits feature all of the structural hardware and installation instructions you'll need - you'll just have to scoop up the pergola lumber from your local lumberyard.

These backyard pergola kits will even include a complete material list so that swinging by your neighborhood lumberyard will also be a total breeze!

Design the perfect pergola for your space like this gorgeous outdoor bar and entertainment area

Top 5 DIY Pergola Designs

1. Shaded Relaxation Space

Remember the soothing days of summer from your childhood? No school, no homework, just fun in the sunshine! Well, while we can't go back in time, we can create a backyard space full of comfort and relaxation with a shaded pergola! The LINX Simplified Pergola System from Wild Hog Railing Products is an incredible project system for a quick DIY pergola build that you won't wait to enjoy.

Available in either a complete pergola kit or as a modular system that you can craft in your own unique way. The LINX Simplified Pergola System boasts an opaque LINX Sunshade to keep harmful UV rays, as well as nosy neighbors' eyes, at bay. Also, an easy-to-mount LINX Hammock Kit to provide a chill place for warm, afternoon naps!

Arriving at your door completely ready to go to work, the LINX Simplified Pergola System requires zero planing or sanding of your pergola lumber for an unbelievable install! The LINX™ Simplified Pergola System makes building your personal oasis a snap! The possibilities are endless, limited only to your imagination. So get ready to find your happy place!

2. A Touch of Seclusion

Don't we all just need to get away from it all sometimes? Craft an outdoor space that allows your backyard to become an oasis from the hustle and bustle of everyday life with a privacy pergola! OZCO Privacy Pergola kits are available for 8x8 wood posts and will make your DIY pergola build quick and straightforward.

OZCO Privacy Pergola kits deliver all installation instructions and structural hardware you need for a beautiful backyard pergola. It will also include OZCO Rafter Clips to allow you to mount wood planks along the sides of the shade structure for a space away from the sight of passersby and neighbors.

An ideal choice for hot tubs, dining tables, and outdoor pools, a Privacy Pergola will allow you to feel comfortable living your life outside.

3. OZCO Pavilion Pergola

For those who love to host get-togethers, make the meals for the group, and invite everyone over after the big game; consider building a backyard pergola pavilion! An outdoor pergola pavilion will create a stunning outdoor dining space for friends, family, and guests to relax in the shade after a great meal.

Enhance the entire feel of your outdoor living space with the perfect party place with a DIY pergola pavilion! OZCO Pergola Pavilion project kits are available for 8x8 wood posts and will include all necessary structural hardware and simple installation instructions so you can have a backyard pergola pavilion build in just a weekend!

4. A Classy Carport

Whether adding a parking spot for an expanding and growing family, or aiming to empty out the garage for an additional backyard living space, turn an unused space in your area into a convenient and beautiful carport! Terrific for homeowners in the warmer regions of the country, a backyard carport can turn a storage space into an architectural highlight.

Adding shade and dimension to your home's yard and garden area, a stunning carport can provide shade, structure, and security for your vehicle. Pergola kits and pavilion kits from top manufacturers such as OZCO and Simpson Strong-Tie will include everything you need for a DIY pergola build that will emphasize your outdoor space in a positive way.

Blend form and function in your outdoor space with a convenient and useful backyard carport pergola build!

5. A Growing Greenthumb

These days everyone is spending more time at home and out in the garden, now is an excellent time to build a backyard shade structure that allows you to show off your growing greens with a beautiful backyard arbor! Garden arbors are a beautiful and simple choice to create a gorgeous look for garden pathways or extensions of the patio.

OZCO Arbor Pergola kits will allow your timeless ivies and vines to grow and twirl upwards for a touch of The Secret Garden right in your family's backyard! Don't worry about finding and planning out the perfect pergola design, with arbor kits from OZCO providing you with a complete arbor design and material list all-in-one. Give your outdoor space a natural focal point with the addition of a garden arbor you'll love to show off for years to come.

Create the perfect space to get away from it all with a cozy little patio pergola separating your space from the rest of the world

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