DIY Deck and Garden Design Ideas 2020

As we're all spending more time at home, now is the time to expand your living space outward and make the most of every inch with the top DIY deck and garden ideas of 2020! From DIY pergola and privacy walls, to the easiest garden lattice and trellis designs, highlighting your garden and backyard is the ideal way to enhance your outdoor space into the garden of Eden.

From budding gardeners to expert landscaping designs, check out the most popular DIY deck and garden ideas for 2020 to showcase your green thumb and your backyard area. From learning, "What can I plant around my deck," to general do it yourself garden ideas; the top deck and landscaping ideas are here to help you grow your dream garden space quick!

Privacy Screen Panels from DuraLife create a stunning DIY trellis or DIY lattice for your outdoor space, garden, and deck

Garden and Landscaping Ideas

Lattice panels and trellis ideas are becoming increasingly more popular in backyard garden designs in the past few years as homeowners aim to create a more private backyard space while allowing the greenery of their outdoor space to shine. Find DIY garden trellis and outdoor lattice ideas that will fit your home's architectural aesthetic and gain a completely outdoor space to get away from it all.

With deck and garden ideas ranging from simple DIY lattice builds to elaborate garden designs, find the lattice components and structural hardware you'll need to build your own secret garden with DecksDirect!

Offering Privacy Panel walls from DuraLife and RDI as well as the incredibly versatile hog wire panel look of the Wild Hog Railing panels, your creativity and imagination are the limit. Start an inspired backyard garden project after browing the top DIY deck and garden ideas of 2020 below!

DIY Deck and Garden Design Ideas start out with a LINX Simplified Pergola system from Wild Hog Railing and a Hog Wire Railing Panel

LINX Simplified Pergola System with Wild Hog Railing

Turn your backyard and garden design into your family's own private oasis with the DIY-friendly pergola design of the LINX Simplified Pergola from Wild Hog Products. The component-based LINX Pergola line allows for endless pergola design possibilities while keeping the installation as simple as possible.

With clear and straightforward installation instructions, the LINX Pergola system is created to fit standard 4x4 posts and 6x6 lumber without any sanding or planing, simply slide the lumber into the brackets! Add a LINX Sunshade and LINX Hammock Kit to help your DIY pergola be the coziest spot outside.

Ideal for growing gardens and those who wish to add a bit of privacy to their yard space, install a Wild Hog Railing Panel between the pergola posts to let your flowering tendrils grow upward to block out prying eyes while you nap!

Hold It Mate Railing Accessories support your planter boxes and flower pots along your deck railing for a great DIY deck and garden ideas

Hold It Mate Railing Accessories

Wanting to improve your deck and garden designs in minutes? Look no further than the innovative Hold It Mate railing accessories. These deck railing accessories mount directly onto deck balusters of nearly any size to support window gardens, planter boxes, flower pots and more; all while keeping your plants and dirt up off the deck floor.

Hold It Mate bundles such as the Standard Bracket Bundle, Adjustable Shelf Bracket Bundle, or Complete Pot Bundle allow you to bright flowers and plants wherever you need them most without the mess!

To make your DIY deck and garden design even cooler and more customizable, Hold It Mate deck railing accessories mount to your deck balusters without any drilling or scratching - completely damage-free!

Move your planter boxes and bird feeders throughout the season to where you want them the most in minutes by simply loosening a through-bolt, lifting and repositioning your garden accessory.

Create a one-of-a-kind garden trellis or patio privacy wall with Privacy Screen Panels by DuraLife

Backyard Trellis from DuraLife Privacy Panels

With rich, matte textured finishes and unique panel design, DuraLife Privacy Panels add a gorgeous detail to your outdoor space while allowing your family, friends, and guests a sense of comfort from the outdoor world.

Much more modern than a standard lattice screen, DuraLife Privacy Screen Panels can be mounted up to three panels tall and as long as you like for creative control over your deck and garden design.

Simply weaves the tips of your crawling plants and flowers up through the openings within the DuraLife Privacy Screen Panels and watch as your own magical trellis grows with each passing day. Using the DuraLife Post Kit and DuraLife Privacy Panel Fastener Kits, a diy garden trellis build is simple, straightforward, and can be completed in minutes.

Create a quick and beautiful garden trellis with a mounted Wild Hog Railing Panel along your backyard garden edge for a strong railing and beautiful garden space

Garden Lattice with Wild Hog Railing

For unique backyard designs, rustic patio and deck railing styles, and an easy diy deck and garden idea all-in-one; check out how simple it can be to build a garden lattice with a Welded Mesh Level Rail Panel from Wild Hog Railing. The hog wire railing panel creates an ideal foundation for a diy trellis to help your space glow.

Choose your garden design based on your Hog Wire panel installation method: mount your garden trellis directly onto wooden posts and rails, keep the garden design modern with the powder-coated metal rails and posts in the Westbury Veranda railing line, or create a picture-frame for your DIY lattice with Hog Tracks Channel to mount your piece.

Beautiful garden arbors from brands such as OZCO and Simpson Strong-Tie can create a gorgeous backyard space

Backyard Garden Arbor - OZCO

Accent your garden with this attractive DIY garden arbor. Backyard arbor project kits from OZCO Ornamental Wood Ties include all of the structural hardware needed for this yard upgrade. Simply follow along with the included straightforward installation instructions and purchase the lumber components outlined to create this beautiful garden piece in a weekend.

Ideal for pathways, creek crossings, and patio doorways, garden arbors are a DIY-friendly garden design that begs your plants and flowers to grow upwards and highlight the shade structure. Create a brand new garden and backyard centerpiece with this gorgeous DIY garden arbor build!

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