Feeney CableRail

Feeney CableRail is an ideal solution for adding a steel cable railing system to your deck.

The biggest name in cable railing. Feeney CableRail is trusted nationwide for versatile, customizable cable railing systems that look amazing and last for years. Highlight your view with virtually-invisible cable railing infill.

The best place to buy Feeney CableRail: DecksDirect. We carry the most in-stock Feeney cable options you’ll find anywhere. With our experienced project planning help and nationwide shipping reach, there’s no better place to plan your cable railing project.

General Feeney CableRail FAQs

Why Should I Choose Feeney CableRail For My Deck?

Feeney is the most well-established brand in cable railing - after all, they practically invented the category. With Feeney CableRail, you can install sleek, modern cable runs between wood or metal railings for cable railing that fits any deck style. Feeney is a trusted, established name in deck railings, and with DecksDirect, you get access to all the hardware and tools you need to complete your cable railing project. Give us a call at 1-888-824-5316 to create your own cable railing plan.

Where Can I Install Feeney Cable Railing?

Feeney CableRail is incredibly versatile. Because Feeney offers so many unique stainless steel fittings, you can tailor your cable railings to fit nearly any setup. You can install Feeney cable runs between wood or metal posts, or posts wrapped in a composite post sleeve. You can also install Feeney cables between brick walls, concrete pillars, and more with the correct fittings. Want to know if Feeney CableRail will fit your unique setup? Give us a call at 1-888-824-5316 and our team will connect you with the right fittings for the job!

What Is Feeney CableRail Made From?

Feeney CableRail is made of strong marine-grade 316 stainless steel strands woven together. Stainless steel provides a durable, weather-tough material, and weaving multiple strands together means your cable runs don’t flash or catch the light. This allows for your cable railing to effectively disappear into the background, putting your deck view at center stage.

Does Feeney CableRail Rust?

Feeney makes its cable railing from durable stainless steel, which protects against rust and corrosion. You can keep your railings rust-free with the right care and maintenance. Cleaning your railings a few times a year will help reduce corrosion and keep your cable railing beautiful. If your railing is exposed to salt air, we’d recommend cleaning your cable runs more often.

Feeney’s Stainless Steel Cleaner and Protectant Combo Pack includes everything you need to properly maintain your cable railing for years to come.

Is Feeney CableRail Safe For Toddlers And Pets?

Yes! Every railing system we carry has been extensively tested for safety. To make your deck as safe as possible, make sure to space your cable rows no more than three inches apart, include a post or picket every three feet, and properly tension your cables to keep them firmly in place.

How Does Feeney CableRail Improve My View?

Feeney CableRail is an awesome choice for an unobtrusive railing that doesn’t take away from your deck view. There are a few reasons for this. Cable infill is thinner than typical wood or metal balusters, allowing you to see more of the view beyond. Plus, the silver color of stainless steel cable, along with the multi-strand texture, will softly reflect ambient light and nearly disappear into natural views.

What Is The Difference Between Feeney CableRail Kits And Feeney CableRail Fittings?

The main difference between CableRail Kits and CableRail Fittings plus Cable is the attachment method:

CableRail Kits

CableRail Kits are designed to pass through the posts with the fitting hardware on the outside faces of the posts. CableRail Kits are designed for wood or metal posts, but shouldn’t be used with composite-sleeved posts. CableRail Kits are available in 5-foot increments up to 70 feet, and each kit comes with everything you need for one run of cable.

Here's how Feeney CableRail Kits attach through your wood or metal posts

Fittings Plus Cable For Composite/Wood Posts

With this CableRail solution, you buy the cable in bulk and choose individual fittings that attach to the inside faces of your posts. Each run of cable will require a Quick-Connect fixed end fitting, and a tensioner fitting that will allow for 3/4-inches of take up for cable tensioning.

Here's how Feeney CableRail Fittings attach to the outsides of your posts

Feeney CableRail Design

How Do I Plan Out And Design My Feeney CableRail Project?

Designing cable railing can be an in-depth process, but with DecksDirect’s guidance, you can create a plan that fits your skill and experience levels. Call our team at 1-888-824-5316 anytime to reach a real, experienced project planner who will learn about your space and help you build the perfect plan to fit your vision and deck dimensions.

Step 1: Select Your Railing Material

CableRail works with wood or metal railing frames, or on wood posts with composite post sleeves.

Feeney CableRail works with wood, metal, or composite railing systems

Step 2: Select Your Corner Posts

Double corner posts allow cables to run continuously through a corner. This setup requires fewer fittings overall. It also allows you to easily terminate perpendicular runs.

Using double corner posts, you can either run cable continuously around your corner or terminate your runs in your two corner posts

Single corner posts are also an option - we typically recommend them for wood posts with composite post sleeves. A single corner post setup typically requires the cables to terminate at the corner. To use a single corner post with CableRail Kits, perpendicular runs will need to be offset by 1/2 inch as to not intersect within the post.

If you're using just one corner post, follow

Step 3: Calculate the Number of Cable Runs You Need

Cable runs should be no more than 3” apart. Typical railings have 9 to 13 rows of cable depending on your railing height cable spacing.

Step 4: Choose CableRail Kits or CableRail Fittings and Cable Based on Your Railing Frame Type and Overall Design

See our FAQ above (What Is The Difference Between Feeney CableRail Kits And Feeney CableRail Fittings?) for a full explanation of the difference between CableRail Kits and CableRail Fittings.

Our team makes this process easy - just draw your deck’s layout, and label the important dimensions. You can call our team or email your drawing to hello@decksdirect.com for a detailed project estimate based on your space.

Does Feeney CableRail Include Posts and Rails?

Your Feeney CableRail package can include posts and rails, but it doesn’t have to - we sell a variety of kits and products so you can get exactly what you need. For a full system, including end posts, through-posts, rails, and stainless steel cable infill, check out Feeney DesignRail Kits. For more colors, top rail, and post mounting options, check out our custom Feeney DesignRail® Create Your Own aluminum railing option. And there is always the option of using wood posts and rails.

Our planning team is available at 1-888-824-5316 to discuss your options and help choose the setup that is right for you.

How Much Space Is There Between Feeney Cable Rail Runs?

We recommend spacing your Feeney cables no more than three inches apart to meet most building codes. As always, you should check with your city’s building department to make sure your city or state doesn’t include any other regulations to plan for. 

How Far Apart Should My Posts Be In A Cable Railing?

We recommend spacing your posts no more than 6 feet apart. Any railing sections longer than 3 feet should have an intermediate picket centered in the middle to prevent cable deflection - that’s when your cable runs move as you put upward or downward pressure on them.

With cable railing, it’s important to plan your project efficiently to get the most bang for your buck. Our design team is available at 1-888-824-5316 to learn about the dimensions of your space and help you plan the most cost-effective cable railing project possible.

Can I Use Fascia-Mounted Posts For Feeney CableRail?

Yes! You can use CableRail with wood or custom metal posts that are fascia mounted.

You can also create your own Feeney DesignRail® setup with our Feeney DesignRail® Custom cable railing, which has two fascia mounted options. Give us a call at 1-888-824-5316 to learn about your options and plan your project.

Can I Install A Drink Rail With Feeney Cable Railing?

Yes! The beauty of Feeney CableRail is in the variety of post and rail setups you can choose to install it with. Feeney’s Custom Create Your Own DesignRail® offers a rectangular top rail. For help planning a cable railing setup with a drink rail, give our team a call at 1-888-824-5316.

How Many Rows Of Stainless Steel Cable Do I Need?

If you space your cable runs three inches apart, here’s a quick calculation of the number of cable runs you’ll need based on your railing height and whether your railing features a bottom rail:

36-inch railing

  • With top and bottom rail: 9 runs needed
  • With just a top rail: 11 runs needed

42-inch railing

  • With top and bottom rail: 11 runs needed
  • With just a top rail: 13 runs needed

Installing Feeney CableRail

How Do I Install Feeney CableRail?

Start with the FAQ above, How Do I Plan Out And Design My Feeney CableRail Project?, to make sure your frame is designed and built to withstand the CableRail tension loads. Then, decide whether you are using CableRail Kits or CableRail Fittings plus Cable.

CableRail Kits Installation

CableRail Fittings Plus Cable Installation

Here are two helpful videos from Feeney on how to install CableRail Fittings on both level and stair railing sections:

You can call our team anytime at 1-888-824-5316 to walk through the process and plan your cable setup with an experienced deck project planner.

How Do I Install Feeney Cable Railing Around Corners?

When installing your Feeney CableRail around corners, you’ve got several options:

  1. Using double corner posts is the easiest way to run cables continuously around corners - we recommend no more than two corner turns in any run of cable, and a maximum run length of 50 feet when there are corners.
  2. You can also use double corner posts, terminating each cable run in its own post.
  3. You can terminate two perpendicular cable runs in a single corner post - but to do this, you’ll need to have one cable run at least a half-inch higher than the other to keep the runs from intersecting inside the post. You’ll also need a strong post that can handle the cable tension load, which can be up to 300 pounds per cable.
  4. Three of the ways you can run approach corners with your Feeney Cable Rail system
  5. Feeney DesignRail® Through Post Corner Post Kits allow for cables to run continuously through your post.

How Do I Tighten Or Tension Feeney CableRail?

If you are using CableRail Kits, use our Tensioning Tool to tighten cables. The Feeney Cable Tensioning Tool features a built-in tension indicator so you can get a consistent tension across each of your cable runs.

For CableRail Fittings plus Cable, use the Feeney Quick-Connect Wrench Wheel:

Can I Install Feeney CableRail On My Existing Wood Posts?

Yes, if the posts and their attachment are strong enough to withstand the tension loads of the cable. We recommend using hardwood posts that are 4x4 nominal or larger. Feeney CableRail can also be installed between composite-sleeved posts and metal posts, as well as between brick walls or concrete pillars with the correct fittings.

Call our team at 1-888-824-5316 to create the best plan for using cable infill on the railing setup you’ve got in mind.

Can I Install Feeney CableRail On Stairs?

Yes! There are several options for extending your Feeney CableRail through your stair sections:

  1. For short stair runs between wood posts, the easiest option is Feeney’s CableRail Stair Kit for Wood Posts. For longer stair runs, you may also use our standard CableRail Kits with Beveled Washers.
  2. For metal posts, check out Cable Rail Kits for Metal Posts with Beveled Washers.
  3. For a composite railing, choose our CableRail Pivot fittings and bulk 1/8” cable.
  4. For a complete railing system, we carry Feeney's DesignRail® Create Your Own aluminum railing with 15 colors to choose from and other options to customize your railings.

For help planning your railing, give our team a call at 1-888-824-5316.

Feeney CableRail Maintenance

How Do I Clean Feeney Cable Railing?

Feeney’s cable railings are ultra low-maintenance, and that includes cleaning. Here’s a quick look at the easy cleaning process:

Step 1: Mix warm water and a mild, pH-neutral soap like Dawn or Palmolive.

Step 2: Use a soft cloth (like cotton or microfiber) to wipe your cable railing with the soapy mixture. 

Step 3: Thoroughly rinse with fresh water.

We recommend cleaning your Feeney stainless steel cable runs at least twice a year, more often if your railing is exposed to saltwater air or chlorine.

For a deeper clean and a spray-on protective coating, try Feeney’s Stainless Steel Cleaner and Protectant Combo Pack - it includes everything you need to maintain the beauty of your cable for years to come.