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A 2nd-story deck made of wood with wood railing and balusters

Balusters for every look imaginable. No matter what your ideal deck vision, we’ve got balusters to complete it, with a massive in-stock selection of shapes, colors, materials and more.

Take the guesswork out of your baluster project with DecksDirect.. We’ll help you calculate the number of balusters you’ll need and how far apart to space them. We’ll make sure you buy only what you need - not more or less. And we’ll get you compatible connectors for your balusters and railings.

General Baluster FAQs

What Are Deck Balusters?

Are Balusters And Spindles The Same Thing?

Are Metal Balusters Better Than Wood?

What’s The Difference Between Steel Balusters And Aluminum Balusters?

Installing Balusters

Can I Replace Wood Balusters With Metal Balusters In My Existing Deck Railing?

How Far Apart Should Balusters Be?

How Do I Connect Deck Balusters?

What’s The Difference Between Rail Install Balusters And Face-Mount Balusters?