TimberTech Advanced PVC vs Composite

Learn The Differences Between TimberTech Deck Boards: Advanced PVC and Composite

Note: this article was previously titled "TimberTech AZEK vs PRO" before TimberTech rebranded its AZEK line as "TimberTech Advanced PVC" and its PRO line as "TimberTech Composite."

TimberTech decking is one of the top outdoor living brands on the market, and a favorite of deck-building contractors nationwide. One reason why? TimberTech has an amazing and vast range of deck boards, from high-value entry-level planks to premium synthetic boards to standout multi-width boards for unique designs.

TimberTech Vintage Weathered Teak Decking creates a cozy, stylish space

If you’re looking to renovate your deck or add a deck space to your home, that huge breadth of decking lines offers plenty of options to fit your specific needs - but it can also be tricky to know where to start shopping. That’s where DecksDirect comes in. We love decks, and we have years of experience helping customers find the perfect materials for their deck projects. We also carry the largest selection of decking options you’ll find anywhere - that includes a huge range of TimberTech deck boards in any color, texture, and style you need.

TimberTech decking is divided into two major categories by material: TimberTech Advanced PVC decking (formerly known as TimberTech AZEK) and TimberTech Composite decking (formerly known was TimberTech PRO). Each category features three decking collections with a range of different characteristics. TimberTech Advanced PVC decking includes the Vintage, Landmark, and Harvest Collections, while TimberTech Composite Decking includes the Legacy, Reserve, and Terrain Collections.

TimberTech Advanced PVC:

A cross-section of a TimberTech Advanced PVC Deck board

TimberTech Composite:

A cross-section of a TimberTech Composite Deck board

Read on for our guide on how to navigate TimberTech’s amazing PVC and composite decking offerings to find the best fit for your project.

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Why Should I Choose TimberTech Decking?

As we mentioned above, TimberTech is a premium decking brand that’s a favorite among contractors and professionals nationwide. People who know decks love TimberTech boards. The TimberTech brand excels at stylish, on-trend colors, and their PVC and composite deck boards lead the industry in both overall attractiveness and how many color tones they can blend into each unique finish.

TimberTech is also a decking innovator: their synthetic PVC offerings improve on the incredible durability and water resistance of traditional composite boards. Meanwhile, TimberTech offers deck boards in three different widths, so you can create eye-catching deck board patterns that clearly stand out from every other traditional deck in the neighborhood.

TimberTech Composite Legacy decking is one of a huge range of TimberTech deck board options

What’s The Best TimberTech Deck Board For My Project: TimberTech Advanced PVC Vs Composite

Each of the six TimberTech decking lines we carry brings something unique to the table. Choosing the best TimberTech deck board for you will require some key questions about your project. The best way to truly tailor your deck board selection to your needs is to give us a call at 1-888-824-5316. We staff a team of experienced deck project planners who know all the right questions to ask to guide you towards the right deck board materials and finishes to fit your vision, functional needs, and even your local climate.

To start your deck planning process, we’ll run through some of the high points of each TimberTech decking line below:

What Is TimberTech Advanced PVC Decking?

TimberTech bills its Advanced PVC decking line as its “best” quality line, compared to the “better” TimberTech Composite decking and “good” TimberTech Edge line. The main thing that sets TimberTEch PVC decking apart is that it’s made from premium PVC material rather than traditional composite.

PVC deck boards are made from 100% synthetic material. That makes them extremely durable and water-resistant. With no natural wood fibers in the mix, PVC deck boards offer the best mold and mildew protection you’ll find. If you’re installing a deck in an aquatic environment (near a pool, lake, or ocean), TimberTech Advanced PVC decking is an excellent choice. 

With no need for natural wood fibers, TimberTech Advanced PVC decking is also the most eco-friendly solution.

Like composite decking, PVC is an extremely low-maintenance decking solution that will last for years without requiring regular staining. TimberTech's PVC decking comes with an industry-leading 50-year fade and stain warranty, highlighting how long you can expect sturdy PVC decking to hold up in the elements.

TimberTech Advanced PVC Vintage Decking

The Big Picture: Vintage is the best of the best for premium looks and multi-width patterns.


  • TimberTech Advanced PVC’s “best” decking collection
  • PVC material
  • Multi-width options
  • Multi-tonal color mixes
  • 5 color options
A coastal style deck with TimberTech Advanced PVC Vintage Coastline deck boards

The Vintage Collection is the top-quality board in TimberTech’s top-quality Advanced PVC decking line - that makes it a completely premium choice for a super high-end deck look. 

TimberTech Advanced PVC Vintage decking comes in five colors, the most options of any TimberTech PVC collection. And the colors themselves will blow you away. Each finish is a beautiful blend of multiple organic colors that captures the look of natural wood in stunning detail.

The other big advantage of the Vintage Collection is that it’s offered in both narrow (3-1/2 inch) and wide (7-1/2 inch) boards in addition to standard 5-1/2 inch widths.

The deck board widths available in TimberTech's Advanced PVC Vintage decking collection

That allows for some completely-unique deck board patterns blending multiple-width boards, as shown below:

TimberTech Advanced PVC Vintage decking comes in multiple widths for unique patterns and designs

Pro tip: narrow-width boards also look dynamite as a cocktail rail on a deck railing.

TimberTech Advanced PVC Vintage decking, pictured in Mahogany finish

A Close-Up Of TimberTech Advanced PVC Vintage Texture:

The texture of TimberTech Advanced PVC Vintage Mahogany decking

TimberTech Advanced PVC Vintage Colors:

  • Coastline
  • Dark Hickory
  • English Walnut
  • Mahogany
  • Weathered Teak
TimberTech Advanced PVC Vintage Coastline
TimberTech Advanced PVC Vintage English Walnut
English Walnut
TimberTech Advanced PVC Vintage Weathered Teak
Weathered Teak
TimberTech Advanced PVC Vintage Dark Hickory
Dark Hickory
TimberTech Advanced PVC Vintage Mahogany
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TimberTech Advanced PVC Landmark Decking

The Big Picture: Choose Landmark for unique reclaimed wood looks with PVC’s durability.


  • TimberTech Advanced PVC’s “better” decking collection
  • PVC material
  • Rugged look of reclaimed wood
  • Cross-cut grain
  • Multi-tonal color mixes
  • 3 color options
TimberTech Advanced PVC Landmark decking mimics the look of reclaimed wood

TimberTech Advanced PVC’s Landmark Collection carries all the same PVC-based benefits as the Vintage Collection, but with a very specific reclaimed wood look.

TimberTech went all-out when designing these boards to fit the rustic farmhouse style that’s all the rage right now. TimberTech Landmark boards don’t just settle for the color mixes and cathedral graining of distressed wood - they also have a distinctive wire-brushed texture that looks and feels like crosscut wood grain.

Like the Vintage Collection, TimberTech Landmark boards blend a bunch of colors for a realistic, multi-tonal look. Each board is unique, with a lot of color and tone variation from one end of the board to the other.

Landmark’s three finish options are a bit more muted to stick with the reclaimed wood vibe, but there’s some great range between the bright French White Oak and the soft brown American Walnut.

TimberTech Advanced PVC Landmark decking, pictured in French White Oak finish

A Close-Up Of TimberTech Advanced PVC Landmark Texture:

The texture of TimberTech Advanced PVC Landmark Castle Gate decking

TimberTech Advanced PVC Landmark Colors:

  • American Walnut
  • Castle Gate
  • French White Oak
TimberTech Advanced PVC Landmark American Walnut
American Walnut
TimberTech Advanced PVC Landmark French White Oak
French White Oak
TimberTech Advanced PVC Landmark Castle Gate
Castle Gate
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TimberTech Advanced PVC Harvest Decking

The Big Picture: Harvest is the most traditional of Advanced PVC’s three collections, and the most cost-effective.


  • TimberTech Advanced PVC’s “good” decking collection
  • PVC material
  • Soft, solid colors
  • Cathedral grain pattern & texture
  • Most affordable price point among TimberTech PVC lines
  • 3 color options
You can see the visible wood grain pattern on TimberTech Advanced PVC Harvest decking, shown in Slate Gray

Compared to the rest of the Advanced PVC deck board offerings, the Harvest Collection pulls back on color variation to create a more cost-effective PVC deck board. Instead of the multi-tonal mixes of Vintage or Landmark, Harvest boards feature solid colors combined with a detailed cathedral-grain texture.

The colors themselves really deliver. Harvest decking comes in three beautiful options that fit a variety of home and deck looks. The detailed cathedral graining gives the solid-color boards texture you can see and feel, creating a really traditional natural-wood look.

The best thing about Harvest, though, is the value. Getting the long-term benefits of tough, reliable PVC decking at Harvest’s price point is a major win if you want premium decking materials to cover a lot of square footage.

TimberTech Advanced PVC Harvest decking, pictured in Brownstone finish

A Close-Up Of TimberTech Advanced PVC Harvest Texture:

The texture of TimberTech Advanced PVC Harvest Brownstone decking

TimberTech Advanced PVC Harvest Colors:

  • Brownstone
  • Kona
  • Slate Gray
TimberTech Advanced PVC Harvest Brownstone
TimberTech Advanced PVC Harvest Slate Gray
Slate Gray
TimberTech Advanced PVC Harvest Kona
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What Is TimberTech Composite Decking?

TimberTech bills its Composite decking as its “better” quality line - it’s also the brand’s top composite decking offering.

Like PVC, composite material is a premium low-maintenance decking option that is a massive improvement over the traditional wood decking used for years. Composite decking is made from a mixture of natural wood fibers and synthetic plastics.

The advantage of having the natural wood fibers in the mix is that composite decking really captures the look and feel of natural wood. Typically, composite deck boards are capped with synthetic material to protect at least three sides of each board from moisture damage. TimberTech Composite goes one step further, capping each board on all four sides. That makes TimberTech Composite decking mold- and mildew-resistant while protecting against insect damage, scratching, and staining.

TimberTech covers its Composite decking line with a 30-year fade and stain warranty, and you can expect these boards to hold up for decades in even harsh weather conditions.

TimberTech Composite Legacy Decking

The Big Picture: Choose Legacy for the widest range of color options and TimberTech’s best composite board.


  • TimberTech Composite’s “best” decking collection
  • Composite material
  • Capped on all 4 sides
  • Multi-tonal color mixes
  • Huge variation in color, even from board to board
  • 6 color options
TimberTech Composite Legacy Decking comes in 6 trendy colors you can mix and match for unique styles

If you’re looking for a composite deck surface, TimberTech Composite Legacy is an amazing, premium option. The first thing that jumps out is the huge variety of colors that go into each board. TimberTech mixes a range of tones so that each board looks natural and unique, just like high-quality hardwoods.

The Tigerwood finish is probably the most notable example of this, but each of the TimberTech Legacy’s six finish options features a beautiful blend of colors with a lot of variation from board to board and even within each board.

The Legacy Collection comes in a hand-scraped texture with graining that runs the length of each board. The result is a collection of color and texture lines that are really pleasing to the eye.

With four-sided capping, TimberTech Composite Legacy boards will hold these beautiful looks for years to come with minimal maintenance - so if you’ve got a specific look you’re searching for, the Legacy Collection can deliver it both at install and over the lifespan of your deck.

TimberTech Composite Legacy decking, pictured in Tigerwood finish

A Close-Up Of TimberTech Composite Legacy Texture:

The texture of TimberTech Composite Legacy Tigerwood decking

TimberTech Composite Legacy Colors:

  • Ashwood
  • Espresso
  • Mocha
  • Pecan
  • Tigerwood
  • Whitewash Cedar
TimberTech Composite Legacy Ashwood
TimberTech Composite Legacy Mocha
TimberTech Composite Legacy Tigerwood
TimberTech Composite Legacy Espresso
TimberTech Composite Legacy Pecan
TimberTech Composite Legacy Whitewash Cedar
Whitewash Cedar
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TimberTech Composite Reserve Decking

The Big Picture: Reserve decking delivers a unique, reclaimed wood look, like Advanced PVC Landmark, but in composite material.


  • TimberTech Composite’s “better” decking collection
  • Composite material
  • Capped on all 4 sides
  • Rugged look of reclaimed wood
  • Wire-brushed finish
  • Multi-tonal color mixes
  • 3 color options
The natural look of reclaimed wood comes with TimberTech Composite Reserve decking, shown in Dark Roast

The contrast between TimberTech Legacy and Reserve is a bit like the difference between TimberTech’s top two collections in its Advanced PVC line. The Composite Reserve line, like the Advanced PVC Landmark line, really focuses on the trendy reclaimed-wood look for a rustic farmhouse style.

TimberTech Reserve decking combines a natural cathedral wood grain pattern with a wire-brushed, low-gloss finish. That makes each board look and feel like reclaimed or distressed wood, a really distinctive and on-trend design look.

Compared to the PVC Landmark Collection, the composite-based Reserve Collection’s colors are a bit more vivid, especially the eye-catching Antique Leather finish. Reserve boards show the same beautiful, multi-tonal color mixes as the rest of TimberTech’s offerings, creating an organic wood look from afar and a gorgeous, detailed finish up close.

TimberTech Composite Reserve boards come in three different finish options and carry all the low-maintenance decking benefits of TimberTech’s composite offerings, including the premium four-sided cap.

TimberTech Composite Reserve decking, pictured in Antique Leather finish

A Close-Up Of TimberTech Composite Reserve Texture:

The texture of a TimberTech Composite Reserve Antique Leather deck board

TimberTech Composite Reserve Colors:

  • Antique Leather
  • Dark Roast
  • Driftwood
TimberTech Composite Reserve Antique Leather
Antique Leather
TimberTech Composite Reserve Driftwood
TimberTech Composite Reserve Dark Roast
Dark Roast
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TimberTech Composite Terrain Decking

The Big Picture: As a scalloped board, Terrain is the lightest and most cost-effective of our six TimberTech decking options.


  • TimberTech Composite’s “good” decking collection
  • Composite material
  • Capped on all 4 sides
  • Scalloped bottom
  • Solid to moderately varied colors
  • Cathedral grain pattern & texture
  • 4 color options
  • Most affordable price point among TimberTech composite lines
You can see and feel the cathedral graining in TimberTech Composite Terrain decking, shown in Brown Oak

The most unique thing about TimberTech Composite Terrain decking is its bottom profile. Unlike the other five TimberTech offerings we’ve run through, the Composite Terrain Collection features a scalloped bottom. That means each board has grooves running along the bottom of the board, reducing the amount of composite material needed for each board. 

The bottom line of the scalloped bottom is lighter-weight boards at a lower cost.

An example of a scalloped bottom deck board, this one from TimberTech's Composite Terrain line

When it comes to looks, the Terrain Collection features a natural cathedral graining that looks and feels like natural wood decking. TimberTech pairs that same texture with both solid and multi-tonal colors, so you can find either look at the Composite Terrain’s attractive price point.

The Brown Oak and Silver Maple finishes combine a variety of colors for a multi-tonal look. Meanwhile, the Rustic Elm and Stone Ash finishes deliver a traditional, solid-color look at an even-more-reducted price point, so you can fit both your ideal look and your ideal budget without leaving the Terrain Collection.

TimberTech Composite Terrain decking, pictured in Silver Maple finish

A Close-Up Of TimberTech Composite Terrain Texture:

The texture of TimberTech Composite Terrain Silver Maple decking

TimberTech Composite Terrain Colors:

  • Brown Oak
  • Rustic Elm
  • Silver Maple
  • Stone Ash
TimberTech Composite Terrain Brown Oak
Brown Oak
TimberTech Composite Terrain Silver Maple
Silver Maple
TimberTech Composite Terrain Rustic Elm
Rustic Elm
TimberTech Composite Terrain Stone Ash
Stone Ash
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