TimberTech Advanced PVC Decking

Whatever style or function you need in a deck board, TimberTech has a decking line to deliver it!

Rich textures and unmatched beauty. TimberTech Advanced PVC decking boasts subtle color blends and authentic, low-gloss textures for the most desirable deck looks imaginable. Plus, premium PVC material offers the best moisture resistance for waterfront decks.

DecksDirect is the best guide to TimberTech. Take full advantage of TimberTech’s many looks when you let the friendly project planners at DecksDirect guide your deck project. Get fast answers and timely estimates at any stage of your project.

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Get the best-looking, most relaxing space for your outdoor hobbies when you use TimberTech Advanced PVC Vintage decking, shown in Coastline
from $101.99
Connect your deck to nature with the organic deep brown of the American Walnut finish.
from $92.99
Accent your furniture with the cool Slate Gray finish
from $73.99
Finish your deck or porch with premium TimberTech Vintage Fascia, shown in Coastline.
from $199.99
Finish your deck with premium TimberTech Advanced PVC Landmark Fascia Boards, shown in America Walnut
from $133.99
Subtle and welcoming: TimberTech Advanced PVC Harvest Fascia in Slate Gray
from $100.99
TimberTech AZEK Trim Fascia Boards are a brilliant accent for porches and decks.
from $148.99
Beautiful white TimberTech AZEK Trim Riser boards provide a stunning deck accent.
from $95.99
The cool gray of the TimberTech Porch Coastline finish
from $59.99