How to Install AFCO Railing

How to Install AFCO Aluminum Deck Railing

Featuring an all-new tension-fit connection within the top and bottom rails for a rattle-free baluster connection and a superbly simple build, find out how to install the AFCO Railing line on your home's deck today!

With a sleek and highly graspable top rail, color-matching railing hardware, and true 4 foot, 6 foot, 8 foot, and 10 foot railing sections; the AFCO Pro deck railing line is perfect for new DIY deck builds or deck railing renovations alike.

Installing the AFCO Pro aluminum railing line on your deck can bring modern style and lasting strength

How to Install AFCO Pro Series Railing

Mount the AFCO Deck Posts

To install AFCO deck railing, start by mounting your AFCO metal deck posts in position with structural screws or lags. There must be at least 4 inches of blocking beneath the deck where AFCO posts need to be mounted for true structural strength.

Find the Railing Length Per Area

Measure and trim the AFCO rails to length per your railing section opening, and then create the balustrade by setting balusters in place in the openings in the bottom rail.

Build the AFCO Pro Railing Kit

With balusters set in their openings, place the top rail in position by feeding each baluster into its specific opening. When the deck rail assembly is complete, loosely set the brackets on the top and bottom rails but do not attach. Set the AFCO railing section in place between the posts.

Mount the AFCO Railing Section Between Posts

Set the rail kit on support material measuring at least 2 inches up from the deck surface. When at the correct height, attach the bottom rail brackets and top rail brackets to the deck posts via their coordinating screws.

Complete Your AFCO Railing with Deck Lighting

Give your AFCO Pro aluminum railing system a finishing touch with the stunning addition of the Ornamental Low Voltage LED Post Caps for AFCO railing by LMT Mercer.

The brilliant way to highlight the style of your home while adding illumination and safety for your family, friends, and guests; the Ornamental Low Voltage LED Post Caps by LMT Mercer can protect your posts and installation hardware by blocking out everyday water, dirt, and debris.

Sleek and strong, the AFCO Pro aluminum deck railing line can complete your deck, porch, or patio space

AFCO Aluminum Railing Installation

Watch the helpful video below to learn more details on How to Install AFCO Railing!

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