Load Bearing Plates for AFCO Columns

A gorgeous way to keep your home structurally safe and sound year after year is to start off with reliable and durable AFCO Aluminum Columns. A stately way to help your home's architectural aestethic shine, AFCO Column Post Kits are available in round and square options, decoratively fluted or non-fluted, to blend seamlessly with the look you want.

An important factor to note when installing any columns to your home, is to consider their structural strength. DecksDirect Pro Tip: Install a Load Bearing Plate by AFCO for best load-bearing performance. AFCO load-bearing plates help to spread the weight-load over the entire perimeter of the column for a consistent mass throughout. Load-bearing capacity is dependent on distributing the load evenly over the surfaces of the shaft.

A quarter-inch thick aluminum Load Bearing Plate from AFCO help keep your home's columns structurally safe.

Completely concealed and hidden once the columns are fully installed, AFCO Load Bearing Plates are offered in five different sizes to help you make the most out of your columns; no matter their size.

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