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How to Clean Metal Deck Railing

Cleaning Tips for Aluminum and Steel Deck Railings

Throwing a neighborhood get-together or springtime family shindig this weekend? Make sure your deck makes an impression your family, friends, and neighbors won't forget by learning how to clean your deck railing.

Low maintenance deck railing systems can help you and your family spend more time enjoying yourselves out on the deck and less time having to hassle with upkeep! Just wipe down the rails with some soapy water and let air-dry for a beautiful appearance you'll love to highlight.

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How to Clean Deck Railings - Step by Step

The most crucial item you will want is a low lint towel. You'll want a low lint towel is because you don't want to leave residue behind after you wipe off your railing. Second, you'll need a mild-grade detergent such as Dawn® or Joy® dishsoap. Then, have a bucket and some warm water on-hand.

The first step is going to be to go through and clean off your entire railing of any debris, and at the same time you'll want to keep note of any nicks or scratches on your railing. Once you're finished cleaning your deck railing, you can come back with some coordinating Touch-Up Paint and conceal those marks.

Now that the deck railing setup is all wiped down and clean, it's time to mix the soap and water. One main thing to remember, is that less is more when it comes to the soap. You definitely want to have more water than you have soap in your deck railing cleaning mixture.

Now, dunk your towel in the soapy water. You want to be sure to wring your towel out very well so that you don't leave soap residue all over your railing after cleaning. Then starting from one end of the deck railing, give your deck railing system a thorough cleaning and wipe down, making sure to clean each portion of the rail.

Now that the railing is clean, the last step is simply to let the deck railing dry. Letting the wet deck railing dry off in the breeze and sunshine helps eliminate any dry spots or soap marks from being left behind.

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