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Imagine sitting out on your backyard deck, soaking in the sunshine, with several family and friends relaxing around in your outdoor space. All of a sudden you feel a few droplets reach the top of your head. Is the sprinkler on? Are the kids having a water balloon fight in the backyard?

As you look up to the skies, you see the dark clouds roll in for an afternoon rain shower. Does the party end?! Does everyone have to go home? No, let the good times continue!

Instead gather and keep dry in your lower level patio space thanks to the innovation of under deck systems! Under Deck drainage systems divert water away from the surface and out into gutters along the edge of the upper-level deck. You install Under Deck drainage systems between or below deck joists to prevent any rainwater or debris from falling between the deck boards and to the ground below.

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Top Under Deck Systems

Deck drainage systems create a dry, usable space underneath your second-story deck while protecting your deck frame from moisture which can lead to wood rot and decay. Gain an entirely new outdoor living room to curl up with a nice cup tea and enjoy the storm or a seasonal storage space to keep decorations, toys, and more safe and dry throughout the off months.

Learn more about the best under deck system for your deck and browse through deck drainage system options from top brands such as Trex RainEscape, ZipUP UnderDeck Drainage, and UpSide Deck Ceiling. Find the top under deck systems for your family's outdoor space and learn more about under deck systems can expand your living space. Give your family room to grow and expand with the warm, dry lower-level space from an under deck drainage system.

Under Deck Ceiling Systems

The Trex RainEscape under deck drainage system installs between deck joists to keep the deck frame dry and your lower level space waterproof

Trex RainEscape Under Deck System

Ideal for new deck construction and decking renovations, Trex RainEscape is one of the most trusted deck drainage systems on the market and is preferred by DIY deck builders and professional deck contractors alike. Trex RainEscape protects the deck joists of your elevated composite deck boards to keep the patio area beneath dry and clean. The innovative trough system installs between deck joists before the deck boards are laid, making this the perfect choice for a brand new deck or decking renovation.

Install Trex RainEscape deck drainage to provide under deck drainage and protection for lower level patio living spaces. The Trex RainEscape Deck Drainage System keeps deck frame and joists dry, thus preventing rotting and helping your deck last its longest. Anything from lighting and ceiling fans to complete entertainment systems can be safely installed and enjoyed in the dry space created with Trex RainEscape.

Learn where to buy ZipUP UnderDeck system and find the best under deck system for your deck space

ZipUP UnderDeck

ZipUP UnderDeck drainage system finishes the underside of your deck providing dry, useable outdoor living space below your deck without sacrificing headroom while adding beauty to your deck. The ZipUP UnderDeck System provides ease of installation and a washable mold resistant surface, while channeling any water from above to your gutter system.

Install the ZipUP UnderDeck Deck Drainage System to protect and enjoy the space below your deck. Its lightweight components install with common tools to make a watertight seal and create a finished ceiling beneath any new or existing deck. ZipUP UnderDeck Panels snap securely into place to form a watertight seal and channel water through the ZipUP UnderDeck System to create a warm, dry lower-level area perfect for an outdoor living room. From seasonal storage space to an outdoor study, ZipUP UnderDeck System helps you add value and space to your home.

Find the best under deck system for your deck like the beautiful finish of the UpSide Deck Ceiling system for a perfect deck drainage system

UpSide Deck Ceiling System

Available in coordinating white and tan finishes, UpSide Deck Ceiling from Color Guard will help you get the most out of your unused space. Stow away seasonal gear, or enjoy a pleasant three-season porch easily with the polished look of UpSide Deck Ceiling. Providing a polished look for your under-deck area, UpSide Channels direct water and condensation away from your house to create a clean and dry space underneath as they create a finished ceiling style. Creating the perfect space for storing seasonal items and decorations or a comfortable covered patio.

For a quick, low-maintenance way to enjoy the space above and below your deck, the UpSide Deck Ceiling system can add an entirely new room to your home in a single day. Skip the hassle and mess of construction to gain an extra outdoor living room for your family to relax together in with UpSide Deck Ceiling.

Whichever deck drainage system is right for your upper-level deck, you'll be gaining additional dry outdoor living space under your deck to enjoy for years to come. Check out our deck drainage system section to explore the under deck products that make up the Trex RainEscape, UpSide Deck Ceiling, and ZipUP UnderDeck systems. Also, if you have any further questions don't hesitate to give us a call we're more than happy to help.

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