Top Deck Design Trend of 2019: Deck Drainage Systems

Protect Your Deck, Expand Your Home

Want to take your deck to the next level this year? Check out the incredibly popular Under Deck Drainage trend that is sweeping the deck-building community this year. As families are growing and expanding, the majority of people are wishing they had more room in their home to both gather and spread out; store seasonal items or create a little place of their own.

Rather than spend their hard-earned money enduring a multiple month-long home addition process, most deck owners are skipping the pain of extended construction and creating outdoor living spaces for their family and friends to enjoy together. With systems installing as simply as in a few hours, Under Deck Drainage systems create an entirely new lower-level room that will remain dry and clear throughout the year.

So, cover up splintering old wooden joists and beams while gaining usable living space right outside your own home. Add an outdoor kitchen for backyard BBQs no matter the weather, or a cozy little nook to hide away from the hectic day; the choices and options are endless. The only question is: Which one is for me?

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What Deck Drainage System To Choose?

Installation and Component breakdown of UpSide Deck Ceiling

The finished beadboard look that UpSide Deck Ceiling delivers blends with almost all architectural styles of home while keeping water and debris away from your home

UpSide Deck Ceiling by Color Guard: Enjoy the nature and beauty of your backyard no matter the weather with UpSide Deck Ceiling. Durable and rugged PVC channels connect easily along the outside rims of your home to create a lower-level patio sure to be the envy of the neighborhood. Don't just gain a space, gain an entire room with the undeniable look of the installed UpSide system; available in coordinating white and tan finishes to help complete the look of your home and increase your curb appeal.

Ideal for both new and existing decks. No other systems necessary for a complete, finished ceiling you'll love.

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Trex RainEscape trough and downspout installation process

The Trex RainEscape deck drainage system installs between your deck joists for a beautiful and dry lower level patio

Trex RainEscape Deck Drainage: Trusted and beloved by both contractors and homeowners alike, the Trex RainEscape Deck Drainage system is a fool-proof install that promises to keep your joists and underdeck dry and clear for years to come. Made from HDPE (High Density Polyethylene Plastic) the Trex RainEscape system can be installed in as little as three steps. Simply cover your joists with Trex RainEscape Butyl Tape, set downspouts in place, and attach your troughs between the joists using a staple gun or caulk.

Trex RainEscape is offered for new deck construction only and is available in tan and black finishes to essentially disappear from view when on the deck. Complete the ceiling with a system of your choice for a polished look. Shop Trex RainEscape

ZipUP UnderDeck Drainage System panel installation works quickly for a polished ceiling without extra tools or parts necessary

Installation and Component breakdown of UpSide Deck Ceiling

ZipUP UnderDeck Drainage System: Protect your deck's substructure while enjoying a dry lower-level patio or deck with ZipUP UnderDeck Drainage System. ZipUP UnderDeck panels securely snap together to form a watertight seal that channels the water out and away from your home. Incredibly easy to understand and install, with ZipUP UnderDeck an entirely new room could be yours in an afternoon.

The ZipUP UnderDeck system is available in premium white and beige finishes featuring either a serrated or pebble texture to complete the aesthetic of your home. Perfect to install on both new and existing decks.

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