Deck of the Month: November 2020

Deck of the Month Winner - November 2020

As we're all relaxing and enjoying our Thanksgiving leftovers, we would love to take a minute to congratulate Brian from North Carolina for catching our eye and winning our Deck of the Month contest! What an amazing example of how much depth and detail adding some metal deck railing to your home's front steps can really achieve.

Words of Wisdom from our Winner

Our Deck of the Month winner let us know that there were three main stages to the project: demolition, reconstruction, and new railing installation. The very capable Brian was able to complete the demolition and railing installation portions all on his own, and wisely hired a local brick mason to restore the timeless brickwork.

Three tips that we were lucky to receive from our DOTM champion include:

1) Buy or build a template to ensure the correct and consistent location of the newell post bolts, otherwise the railings may not align or be in parallel (see photo below).

Create or purchase a template to ensure that your lag installation is correct each time

2) I used 5 inch wedge bolts for added strength.

3) Measure twice, cut once!

Brian dressed up his front porch and entryway area by installing some level and stair railing sections of Westbury Tuscany. The Westbury Tuscany aluminum railing system features clean lines and a gently rounded top rail for easy graspability while walking up and down the stairs of the house.

Made from rich powder-coated aluminum, the Tuscany railing line boasts a deep, black color that won't stain, fade, or rust for decades to come. Create a look that makes your home's outdoor style pop with Westbury Tuscany rails like our Deck of the Month winner, Brian!

Deck of the Month winner for November 2020

Using crossover rail brackets along his entryway staircase, Brian has created a continuous top rail design that looks smooth and modern, in clever juxtaposition against the classic look of his home's brick exterior. Continuous top rails also create a safer walking space for family, friends, and guests eliminating the need for a post in the middle.

Brian installed rich, black powder-coated Westbury Tuscany metal railing along his stairs

Create a stunning front entryway!

Accentuating the window shutters and contrasting against the original brickwork of the space, the intallation of the Westbury Tuscany brand of deck railing helps make the front space pop among the others on the block!

For an easy DIY deck stair railing, choose Westbury Tuscany for your outdoor entryway

Highlight your family's style and decorations!

By combining a compact corner of level Westbury Tuscany railing sections along with the continuous top rail design of the outdoor stair railing, Brian has created the perfect spot to showcase seasonal flowers and decor.

From fall-weather mums and haybales, to flowing Fourth of July banners and American flags; this house is ready to become one of the most celebrated in the neighborhood! Brian has created a true piece of modern Americana right in his own backyard and it's sure to catch the eyes of neighbors and passers-by!

The clean look of rich, black Westbury Tuscany metal stair railing looks great against the brickwork of the home

Polish with a touch of flair!

The finishing touch of deck railing design on this month's contest winner is the decorative look of the Westbury Ball Top Post Caps. These distinctive deck post toppers will add an extra element of design while also protecting your posts from collecting dirt and debris throughout the years.

By installing the Westbury Tuscany metal deck railing system along your deck, porch, and patio to increase your outdoor space's style

Congratulations, Brian, on winning November's Deck of the Month contest!

Your DIY project and photos show that sometimes an outdoor space doesn't have to be expansive, or even really a deck, to become our favorite backyard build of the month. To celebrate your wonderful style choices and DIY railing design, we'll be sending some awesome DecksDirect swag your way! Congratulations again, and keep on expanding your delightful outdoor living area.

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