Deck of the Month Winner - October 2020!

Everyone at DecksDirect was spooked silly this month by how jaw-dropping our October Deck of the Month winner's home and outdoor space turned out! Congratulations to Steve in Minnesota for winning our top award this month with his utterly beautiful deck build and design.

Steve is a hands-on deck designer that created a multi-level deck and patio space that highlights the stunning riverside views and glowing green foliage of the nature around the home while still showcasing his castle for all of the world to see!

With the luxury look of thick, tempered glass panels, rich composite decking, and warm, decadent LED deck lighting, Steve has built an outdoor living space that anyone would be thrilled to call home, even if for just an evening!

Our Deck of the Month winner installed gorgeous Fortress AL13 PureView glass panel railing along his riverside dock for a perfect view

Steve, our Deck of the Month Winner for October!

Flip through these amazing project photos to see how Steve carefully planned out the deck products he used to maximize his space and emphasize his views for a dreamy outdoor deck space.

What Deck Products Did Our Winner Use?

Our deck of the month winner installed glass deck railing to showcase his outdoor space Rich Woodland Brown Trex Select composite decking creates a big open space for family and guests With ceiling lights and soffit lights installed, our Deck of the Month winner has created a year-round space to stay comfortable Blending the Fortress AL13 Pure View glass railing line and the Century Scenic Glass Railing creates two different looks in one outdoor space

Century Scenic Glass Railing

Steve chose to install Century Scenic Glass Rails along his lower-level deck and patio area for increased safety along the edges and borders. The brilliance behind this choice is that the Century Scenic glass railing system doesn't have top or bottom rails, but rather lets a homeowner or deck builder to install a glass panel between two metal deck posts via a channel within the posts themselves. This allows for maximum views and a secure hold on a deck railing system that's nearly invisible.

Trex Select Decking

To ensure that his home's outdoor space requires minimal upkeep and lasts as long as possible, our Deck of the Month winner chose to install Trex Select composite decking. Opting for the rich Woodland Brown color, Steve chose to attach his Trex Select decking via the Trex HideAway Hidden Fastener system and CAP-TOR Composite Deck Screws to keep his floor surface picture-perfect and fastener-free!

Fortress AL13 Pure View Glass Panels

Across his second-story rooftop space, Steve selected the Fortress AL13 Pure View Glass Railing system to deliver a sturdy and secure feeling. Featuring powder-coated aluminum posts and rails, the Fortress Pure View Glass line allows a safe place for family, friends, and guests to grab ahold of the rail while admiring the grandeur of the space. This deck railing system was installed and anchored with tough GRK Rugged Structural Screws for durable and reliable anchoring.

LMT Mercer Ornamental Combination Post Cap Light

To say that his home's outdoor living space truly comes to life at night would almost be an understatement for the magical look of Steve's home! Installing LMT Mercer Ornamental Combination Post Cap Lights, our Deck of the Month winner selected these energy-efficient LED post lights that provide a bright halo glow around all four sides of the posts while gentle down-lights illuminate the deck floor.

Fortress LED Accents Lights

Brightening up the border of his deck and rooftop space, Steve mounted Fortress LED Accent Lights to increase the walkability and safety of the area throughout the late nights and early mornings.

Westbury Tuscany Adjustable Gate

To keep pets, children, and guests safe, this deck also boasts a Westbury Tuscany Adjustable Gate to prevent increased security so everyone can relax in peace knowing no one is coming in or going out unless invited!

Glass deck railing along the rooftop deck creates a safe, secure feeling for all Gain a whole new appreciation for the great outdoors with your own stunning deck space Fortress LED Accent lights and LMT Mercer Ornamental Combination Post Cap Lights create it all Stunning LED deck lighting creates a nighttime space the neighbors will be envious of

Congratulations, Steve!

Your deck design and build truly impressed all of us deck nerds here at DecksDirect and we'd love to tip our caps your way! For your impressive project and for sharing your photos with us, we will be sending some cool DecksDirect swag to your place as soon as possible. Congratulations and a great job done well!

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