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  • Flat head for flush finish
  • Sharp, slashed tip for easy driving with no pre-drilling required
  • Ideal for wood-to-wood framing, blocking and pergola connections

Give your deck frame a firmer foundation than nails or traditional screws. CAMO's Structural Framing Screws provide a tight, lasting hold for wood-to-wood connections.

Structural framing screws come with a flat head for a completely flush installation. The T-25 star drive provides a firm connection with your drill to reduce cam outs during installation, while slashes on the sharp tip make it easy to drive each screw with no pre-drilling required.

Each CAMO structural framing screw is coated with CAMO's innovative PROTECH Ultra 4 coating for top corrosion resistance.

Choose between two length options: 2-1/2 inches and 3 inches. CAMO Structural Framing Screws come in packs of 50 screws or 150 screws. Each pack contains a T-25 driver bit.



CAMO Framing Screw Sell Sheet

CAMO Stuctural Screw Category Sell Sheet

Head Type Flat Head
Tip Type Type 17 Slash Point
Drive Type T-25 Star Drive
Screw Length 2-1/2 in, 3 in
Material Type CAMO PROTECH Ultra 4 Coating
Pack Size 50 pk, 150 pk
Package Contents 50 Pack - 50 Screws and 1 T-25 Bit
150 Pack - 150 Screws and 1 T-25 Bit
Included Accessories T-25 Bit included in every package

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