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Whether a first-time builder or a professional contractor, projects need high performance hardware like Starborn Structural Screws to save time, reduce labor and enhance the longevity of your build. Starborn Structural Screws are engineered to reduce driving torque for an easier install while providing a higher level of shear, tensile, and wood-to-wood connection strength than traditional lag screws. Tested and certified for complete code compliance, the Structural Screws by Starborn require zero pre-drilling and an exterior powder-coating that is approved for use with ACQ, FRT and all pressure-treated lumbers for incredible corrosion resistance.

Starborn Structural F23 Screws' flat head design are ideal for a wide array of applications such as decking, fencing, ledger board attachment, pergolas, deck framing and more. Boasting IRC and IBC code compliance, the Starborn Structural Screws feature a Tri-Forge screw tip which provides a fast start and minimal material splitting to keep your job keep moving fast.

F23 Multipurpose can be used as a ledger board and framing screw and features a 0.23 inch shank diameter. They come in 2-7/8 inch, 6 inch, 8 inch and 10 inch lengths. For ledger application, check out the F23 Ledger Screws.

Starborn Structural Screws are offered in 20 packs, 50 packs, 250 packs and 500 packs to complete your construction project all in one package.


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Starborn Structural Screws (70 KB) 

Drive TypeT-40 Star
Head TypeFlat
Screw Lengths2-7/8 in, 6 in, 8 in, and 10 in
Material TypeCoated steel
Pack Size20 pack, 50 pack, 250 pack, and 500 pack
Included AccessoriesNone
OtherCompatible with standard T-40 Star Bit
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